‘Blockbuster’, review: Netflix laughs at the nostalgia of millennials

Blockbuster review Netflix laughs at the nostalgia of millennials

Since its first episode, the seriesand Blockbuster he makes it clear that he will base his premise on a curious version of the metanarrative. Timmy Yoon (Randall Park) must deal with a customer who reminds him that, for better or worse, the store he works for has “gone out of style.” Even more so, that … Read more

Criticism of Blockbuster, the new and functional Netflix series, full of irony, about the company’s latest video store

Paramount prepares a new series of Jackass again with Johnny

The years go by and they are peeling: it seems that not so long ago when something as simple as going to the video store on Friday to “catch a movie” for the weekend, was the most normal thing in the world. Internet and streaming platforms like NetflixThey changed the rules of the game condemning … Read more

A shocking blockbuster of the classic war story has arrived on Netflix

A shocking blockbuster of the classic war story has arrived

The film is based on the successful novel by Erich Maria Remarque. (Netflix) No news at the front (Im Westen nichts Neues) is a German novel written by Erich Maria Remarque and published in 1929. Shortly after publication, it was translated into twenty-six languages ​​and it is estimated that it has sold more than twenty … Read more

It is the best film of one of the most successful science fiction sagas of recent years: you only have a few days to watch this explosive blockbuster on Netflix

1666813092 It is the best film of one of the most

When a series of films consistently become so successful, it’s that offers something that greatly connects with the public. Something, is more or less “valid” for certain moviegoers with dressing gown and monocle who have prepared the taunt ready for the latest blockbuster release. Sometimes, it is still worth investigating what that something is, because … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown is already filming ‘Electric Russo’, the new blockbuster by the Russo brothers for Netflix

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

With Enola Holmes 2 ready to premiere on Netflix, it will be on Friday, November 4, and waiting for the fifth season of stranger things, Millie Bobby Brown she keeps very busy. A tight schedule of hers in which her participation in The Electric State of the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo with which both … Read more

“The Woman King”: Viola Davis proud to defend the first blockbuster worn by black actresses

The Woman King Viola Davis proud to defend the first

The multi-award-winning actress stars in “The Woman King,” a blockbuster about the lives of fearsome African warriors, in theaters September 28. She took the floor to defend this first big-budget, feminine and African-American feature film. Article written by France Televisions Writing Culture Published on 09/15/2022 11:25 Update on 09/28/2022 10:29 Reading time : 1 min. … Read more

The sequels to blockbuster movies that were riddled by critics and fans

The sequels to blockbuster movies that were riddled by critics

Some movies have received terrible reviews (Photo: Toy Story 4/Star Wars IX/ Rocky) The cinematographic world has given several jewels to the most assiduous followers of this art over the years, whether they are romantic films, animated films, science fiction and a host of genres that have marked several generations. However, just as prestigious successes … Read more

HBO Max shows off its blockbuster premieres in a new video, with an exclusive look at “The Last of Us”

The North American platform puts long teeth to the followers of the mythical title of Naughty Dog. 08/22/2022 11:00 hbo maxdespite the fact that he lives complicated months due to the recent announcement of its merger with Discovery+faces the end of 2022 and the beginning of next year with enough energy to to show off … Read more

5 Actors Who Turned Down Blockbuster Movie Roles And Later Regretted It

The atmosphere of Hollywood it’s competitive, everyone is fighting to shine and become a celebrity. Actors fight tooth and nail to get a role that will take them to stardom and very few achieve it. Tom Holland, for example, acted from a young age, but his great success came with Spiderman and thus he was … Read more

What I see: RRR, an Indian blockbuster that surpasses the power of any imagination and is all the rage on Netflix

What I see RRR an Indian blockbuster that surpasses the

Tom Cruise’s recent triumphant passage through the Cannes Film Festival made it clear why the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick was preserved throughout the pandemic pending the return of theaters to a more or less normal activity. It was necessary to keep away from the temptation of streaming the release of a film that, more … Read more