Selma Blair reappears: the actress stars in the most exciting moment of the 2022 Emmys

Tonight (early morning in Spain), the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles has dressed up to host the 74th edition of the Emmy Awards, unavoidable appointment for seriéfilos that recognizes the best television productions developed in the last year. In a ceremony focused on paying homage to the small screen, the big winners have been The … Read more

Selma Blair Asks Reese Witherspoon To Appear In ‘Legally Blonde 3’ – Nifey

Selma Blair Asks Reese Witherspoon To Appear In Legally Blonde

What, like it’s hard? Selma Blair put an end to the rumors that Revenge of a Blonde almost done with itself and Reese Witherspoon leaving at sunset – but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have been fully on board. “I love this idea! How funny. …I don’t remember, maybe it was,” cruel intentions star, 50, … Read more

What happened to Linda Blair? The curse that ended his career after ‘The Exorcist’

What happened to Linda Blair The curse that ended his

It was in 1973 that ‘The Exorcist‘ had its premiere and thrilled audiences with visual effects seen for the first time on the big screen. The success of this film, which is considered a classic and by many as the best horror film in history, is due to the creepy plot, between good and evil, … Read more

Selma Blair recounts her daily life with multiple sclerosis in a documentary: “I have given life a second chance”

Selma Blair recounts her daily life with multiple sclerosis in

“Sorry, I can’t speak right now. We are filming the last days of my life ”. This is how forceful Selma Blair is at the beginning of the documentary trailer Introducing Selma Blair (Presentando a Selma Blair), which will be released this Friday in US theaters, and in which the 49-year-old actress shows openly what … Read more

Selma Blair wants you to see what her life is like with multiple sclerosis

Selma Blair wants you to see what her life is

These difficulties persisted into adulthood: the pain worsened, especially after the birth of her son, Arthur, in 2011. She began to have vision problems and experienced involuntary muscle contractions in her neck. Blair claims that until she was diagnosed, she couldn’t understand why her symptoms varied from setting to setting. “I can walk better in … Read more

The Blair Witch Project is the scariest movie, says new study | Tomatazos

The Blair Witch Project is the scariest movie says new

This October shops and houses are usually decorated with Halloween motifs, although Halloween is celebrated on October 31, the whole month is enjoyed to the fullest by fans of horror / horror movies and series. For this reason, it is not strange that studies and attempts to discover which are the most terrifying productions of … Read more

Christina Applegate: suffering from multiple sclerosis, she receives the support of Selma Blair

Christina Applegate suffering from multiple sclerosis she receives the support

On Tuesday August 10, 2021, Christina Applegate revealed on her Twitter account that she has multiple sclerosis. Very quickly, the actress received a wave of support from her fans, but also from Selma Blair. Thirteen years after beating breast cancer, Christina Applegate was revealed to have multiple sclerosis. On her Instagram account, the actress confided: … Read more

De ‘El proyecto de la bruja de Blair’ a ‘Searching’: 21 películas y series found footage imprescindibles

1625391443 De El proyecto de la bruja de Blair a Searching

Las películas de metraje encontrado se han hecho muy populares gracias al cine de terror, pero en realidad la técnica de Found Footage es una forma de narrar que sirve para todos los géneros, puesto que como experiencia cinematográfica añade una crudeza que una producción tradicional de Hollywood no puede imitar, por ello tratamos de seleccionar aquí una lista variada que sea representativa de los títulos esenciales bajo este formato.

Falta de efectos de sonido, ángulos de cámara demasiado pensados y bajo presupuesto, ingredientes que difuminan la línea de la realidad y la ficción, también común con los falsos documentales, un formato en realidad muy parecido y cada vez con más puntos en común, pero que permite otro tipo de edición e incluso tiempo narrativo, por lo que hemos sacado de la selección los que pueden agruparse allí. Más adelante, haremos una lista especial con los básicos y posteriormente dos nuevas específicas de ambos con los más terroríficos.

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