Bizarrap rewrites the rules of the game during a concert in Madrid before 25,000 people

Bizarrap rewrites the rules of the game during a concert

It was only 50 minutes. But in glory. rang Nathy Peluso: “When he writes to me he sounds brave, but up front he doesn’t even say anything. Hmm”. Also heard from Resident: “This I do, pa have fun pa have fun”. Y Dwell: “Now I pay to the months to the Treasury”. Y Nicky Nicole: … Read more

Quevedo: what key has a 20-year-old canary played to create (with the help of Bizarrap) the most listened to song in the world

Quevedo what key has a 20 year old canary played to create

Flags of Spain. Also from Argentina. Many. Some of the Canary Islands. All agitated by the public. The producer and DJ Argentinian Bizarre (Buenos Aires, 24 years old) and the Canarian interpreter Quevedo (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 20 years old) are jumping on stage, embracing. They wear caps and sportswear. They look like two … Read more

Gaspar Benegas: “I have a good vibe with Bizarrap, we will probably record something together”

Gaspar Benegas I have a good vibe with Bizarrap we

“17 years ago I had the opportunity to play on big stages for crowds together with Indio and simultaneously be on smaller stages and even intimate shows. In all the shows you have to leave your soul, but do it with my band The monkey It generates a plus of adrenaline for me because they … Read more

Quevedo – Bzrp (Bizarrap) : official lyrics and video

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

Since the last session of Bizarre winked at you Quevedo could be the sixth Spanish artist to join the Bzrp Music. Later, Biza confirmed it with an Instagram story that the Sessions, Vol.52 would count on the presence of the talented rapper. The lyrics refers to a romantic interest. Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol.52 shows the … Read more

Letra y vdeo de la 'session' de Quevedo y Bizarrap

Letra y video de la apossessionapos de Quevedo y Bizarrap

Es la nmero 52 del productor Actualizado Jueves, 7 julio 2022 – 09:46 El argentino ha colaborado con una conocida cadena de comida rpida para promocionar su nuevo sencillo Quevedo y Bizarrap en Music Sessions #52YouTube / Bizarrap Bizarrap ha estrenado el jueves 7 de julio su Music Sessions #52, sencillo en el que cuenta … Read more

Letra y vdeo de la 'session' de Villano Antillano con Bizarrap

Villano Antillano es la protagonista de Music Sessions #51, el sencillo que Bizarrap ha estrenado el jueves 9 de junio. El famoso productor argentino ha contado con esta rapera puertorriquea para poner voz a una colaboracin que est arrasando en YouTube. Su nuevo trabajo ocupa los primeros puestos de la lista de tendencias de msica … Read more

Villano Antillano – Bzrp (Bizarrap): Official Lyrics and Video

Bizarrap brought together the talented artist Antillean Villain to their ‘music sessions’ to create one of the best sessions of BZRP, as pointed out by the followers of his musical project where he collaborates with artists to demonstrate his talent by producing and composing songs. On this occasion, he and the singer-songwriter created a lyrics … Read more

The Twitter thread that explains all the references of the Resident’s Bizarrap Session

The Twitter thread that explains all the references of the

The BZRP Music Sessions are always a guaranteed success, but none have generated as many comments or become as viral as the one recently recorded with Residente. The foundations of the music industry have been shaken by the devastating song in which Residente guts the falsehoods and hypocrisies of many cantes, especially J Balvin. The … Read more