Actors who suffered the bitter side of Hollywood: They lived their moment of fame and then they were forgotten |

Actors who suffered the bitter side of Hollywood They lived

Being the lead in a blockbuster movie is a huge accomplishment in a competitive industry, but not all actors and actresses are left with the same fate once popularity explodes. While some manage to capitalize on success, others remain in the memory for that single role that gave them fame. None of these cases can … Read more

“He raped me, caressed me, put me on all fours and abused me”: The painful and bitter story of Anne Heche with a rapist father, an accomplice mother and three deceased brothers | People | Entertainment

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

After being involved in a serious car accident, Anne Heche She died this Friday, at the age of 53, after being disconnected from the artificial respirator that kept her alive at the West Hills hospital, north of The Angels. to the famous actress Already he had been declared brain dead yesterday and his agony only … Read more

“Bitter Land”: Züleyha destroys a business, Ümit surprises Demir, Fikret’s secret and more in his new chapter

Bitter Land Zuleyha destroys a business Umit surprises Demir Fikrets

What happened in “bitter earth”? The hate relationship that existed between Demir and Züleyha has been transformed into true love and this has surprised the Spanish public that follows each of the chapters of this important Turkish production. The Ottoman drama premiered a new episode on Wednesday June 29 through Antena 3 and here we … Read more

Ricardo Montaner and his bitter moment in Ecuador: a musician is deported, his flutist is prohibited from entering and his keyboardist is arrested | People | Entertainment

With a few minutes left for his first concert tonight in Guayaquil, Ricardo Montaner He went to his Twitter account to expose a bad moment that his team went through with the Ecuadorian migration authorities. “If Índigo were a tango it would be ‘El día que me feliz’, says Ricardo Montaner about his granddaughter, the … Read more

What I see? The “best Robert De Niro” according to Scorsese, in the director’s most bitter and misunderstood film

What I see The best Robert De Niro according to

Almost four decades ago for this time of year, on May 7, 1983, Robert De Niro, Jerry Lewis and Martin Scorsese presented at Cannes the king of comedy (The King of Comedy). It was the third time that a Scorsese film was included in the official competition after Alicia doesn’t live here anymore. (1975) and … Read more

“Bitter land”: special schedule of the season finale episode

Bitter land special schedule of the season finale episode

The second season of “bitter land” comes to an end and, given the great expectations, the Atresmedia TV network has decided to broadcast it at a special time, since it must take advantage of the turkish soap opera that leads the audience with the stories of Züleyha, Demir and Yilmaz. MORE INFORMATION: The secrets behind … Read more

This is how İbrahim Çelikkol celebrated his 40th birthday on the set of “Bitter Land”

1645116003 This is how Ibrahim Celikkol celebrated his 40th birthday on

The Turkish actor İbrahim Çelikkol turned 40 and his friends from the telenovela “Bitter land””, a production in which he plays Hakan, surprised him with a pleasant surprise. And it is that the artist who has also played roles in “My home, my destiny” or “Kus Uçusu” has managed to win the affection of the … Read more

After the bitter drinks, Christian Nodal already has a new family

After the bitter drinks Christian Nodal already has a new

Regional Mexican singer Christian Nodal joins the Sony Music family to continue a successful career. “I am very grateful for the opportunity to close a cycle in my career and start a new one with a lot of passion, joy and emotion. I appreciate the confidence in the entire Sony Music team. Thank you for … Read more

Beyond Bitter Land: The new Turkish series arriving in 2022

1643639574 Beyond Bitter Land The new Turkish series arriving in 2022

The turkish series continue to generate great expectation among the public. Their plots and realities, as varied as life, have become the queens of the small screen and have dazzled millions of viewers. We don’t know what it is, but Turkish soap operas have something that connects with mass audiences. After a 2021 in which … Read more

Sergio Dalma’s illness that makes his meals bitter and has forced him to cancel concerts

1641622786 Sergio Dalmas illness that makes his meals bitter and has

Related news On November 19, Sergio Dalma (57 years old) was in the news again. The Sabadell artist then released what is the 21st album of his career, baptized as Joy. The publication of this new LP was great news for his followers, who he had encouraged to review his career in 2019 with 30 … Read more