Jenna Ortega becomes the favorite to play this beloved X-Men character

Jenna Ortega becomes the favorite to play this beloved X Men

There are actors you don’t imagine in a role until you see them in action, and now that Marvel is considering letting the X-Men into the MCU, the Saturday Night Live sketch show couldn’t have picked a better time. To prove how well Jenna Ortega’s white lock of mischief looks. During the program in which … Read more

Rachel McAdams turned down an iconic and beloved film because she was looking for something better, but ended up facing several years of drought

Rachel McAdams turned down an iconic and beloved film because

you may say that The Devil Wears Prada Whether it is a classic film is saying a lot, but the truth is that the iconic film directed by David Frankell and released in 2006 it is much more than the romantic comedy it was “destined” to be. Nearly two decades later, the film is a… … Read more

Kevin Conroy, the beloved Batman of animation and video games, died

Kevin Conroy the beloved Batman of animation and video games

A key figure in the history of DC Comics adaptations has left us. This Friday Diane Pershing (Poison Ivy in Batman: The Animated Series) Y The Peter Mayhew Foundation revealed that Kevin Conroy, The Batman of animation and video games has died at the age of 66. While many remember live-action film and television actors … Read more

Pinocchio: Cynthia Erivo Brings The Blue Fairy To Life And Sings The Most Beloved Disney Song Of All Time

PINOCCHIO, the new live-action film based on Disney’s animated classic, is wowing Disney+ audiences with incredible elements that bring the legendary story of the wooden puppet into the 21st century. From the stunning CGI (computer generated imagery) animation to the extraordinary acting of Tom Hankswho gives life to Gepetto, PINOCCHIO It moves audiences who grew … Read more

Indiana Jones 5 deals a blow to nostalgia by confirming the return of a beloved character

Although 2023 has a large number of movies on its list, without a doubt one of the strongest will be indiana jones 5. The fifth and last film of the saga had its great moment during the D23Expo of Disney. Those present were able to see a small fragment of the footage and now the … Read more

Prime Video, Disney+, Movistar+ and Filmin premieres: This week a reboot of a 90s movie, the return of a beloved Marvel character and a legendary JJ Abrams series

Prime Video Disney Movistar and Filmin premieres This week a

‘I can’t without you’ or ‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City’ are just some of the premieres that stand out from August 8 to 14. New month of summer and new releases. The second week of August is loaded with great releases on various platforms streamingthus making the summer of many people who now have … Read more

Cantinflas: This is the terrible ADDICTION that ended the life of the beloved comedian of the Cine de Oro

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” was one of the most recognized comic actors of the so-called Golden Age of Mexican Cinema and despite the fact that more than 29 years have passed since his unfortunate death, his personal life is still of public interest and one of the most recurrent doubts that exist around his figure is … Read more

Daniel Kaluuya advances details of the live-action of one of the most beloved children’s characters

Daniel Kaluya It’s one of the faces of terror Thanks to your collaborations with jordan peele and, now, he gets serious with a project of this genre based on one of the most beloved children’s characters. The British announced, three years ago, his intention to make a live-action dinosaur barneybut really terrifying. The idea of … Read more