“It would be an honor to run away with you”: President of Iron Chef responds to Belinda

Belinda would invite the president of Iron Chef Mexico out | Instagram In the last few weeks it became known about the participation of the singer pop on Iron Chef’s new reality show, now Belinda has aroused new controversy after they assure, he would have invited the president of the program out. Initially, the news … Read more

Lupillo Rivera gives advice to Christian Nodal to overcome Belinda

The singer Lupillo Rivera sent advice to Christian Nodal so that he could forget Belinda after his so-called sentimental breakup. Though Nodal finally seems to have overcome the thunder with Belinda, Well, he enjoys spending time with his new girlfriend, the Argentine rapper Cazzu, with whom he has recently been seen together. However, Lupillo did … Read more

Lupillo Rivera’s advice to Christian Nodal to overcome Belinda

Lupillo Riveras advice to Christian Nodal to overcome Belinda

Although the singers did not speak publicly about it at the time, Lupillo Rivera shared some recommendations for the artists, specifically Christian Nodal, to overcome their lovesickness (Photos: Gettyimages, twitter/@dapc24) After Belinda Y Christian Nodal end their courtship, just as he did at the time Lupillo Riverathe Bull of the Corrido shared with the Sonoran … Read more

Belinda, Pedro Sola, Christopher Uckermann and other artists will be critics in a new cooking reality show

Belinda Pedro Sola Christopher Uckermann and other artists will be

The two actors and the famous host of “Ventaneando” joined the project. (Instagram photo: @belindapop, @christophervuchermann, tiopedritosola) In recent years, cooking programs have positioned themselves among the public’s favorites, either because of their formats, gastronomic proposals or famous participants. Such is the case of Master Chef Celebrity, a well-known reality show that during its second … Read more

Belinda through her albums: analyze ‘Belinda’, ‘Utopía’, ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘Catarsis’

Belinda through her albums analyze Belinda Utopia Carpe Diem and

As a good teenager, I spent the first decade of the 2000s listening to Belinda in loop. The Mexican of Spanish descent put a soundtrack to that bittersweet part of life with songs like I am sorry, Beautiful betrayal, I will wait for you and other hits from his long recording career. As you will … Read more

Who is Jared Leto, the actor who accompanies Belinda on vacation?

Who is Jared Leto the actor who accompanies Belinda on

Jared Leto generated a stir this Saturday after Belinda released a series of photos and videos on his Instagram account where appears on vacation next to the American actor; in these postcards, both are in a coastal landscape, as evidenced by their outfits. It highlights that the only thing that the Mexican singer added to … Read more

This is Shakira’s emotional SONG with which Belinda paid tribute to her | VIDEO

Belinda surprised locals and strangers with his particular interpretation of a song of Shakiraknow with which of all the great lyrics of her repertoire was how the Mexican interpreter rendered tribute to one of the greatest Latin American singers of all time with this video in which ‘la boba nina nice’ was caught singing the … Read more

Belinda revealed how many days she has gone without bathing and turns on social networks

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

Singer Belinda has been criticized again, and this time it is not about the kiss that was recently given at a concert that he offered where two other women participated. Now it is a brief interview where she gave various details of her personal life, even saying that on one occasion spent three days without … Read more

Celebrities ARV: Belinda kisses two women, “El Canelo” confesses exotic tastes in cars

Celebrities ARV Belinda kisses two women El Canelo confesses

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Singer Shawn Mendes postpones his concerts to take care of his mental health 00:15 Fernanda Castillo’s baby turned out to be very talkative 01:02 Shakira shared tender photos of her children with her father 01:13 Famous ARVs: they … Read more

“I screwed up”: Belinda regrets what happened with Nodal

Belinda completely regrets her courtship with Christian Nodal. The actress and singer openly declared having made bad decisions that she now considers “mistakes” almost half a year after her breakup with the Mexican regional interpreter. “Yes, I regret, and I say it from the heart, of having exposed that topic as I did,” he said … Read more