NBA – “I smoked weed with Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson, they were on my bed”

NBA I smoked weed with Jessica Alba and Kate

@jessicaalba / @katehudson Now much more open and relaxed about it, players have long had to hide their drug use from the league. A former star admits for example today having shared his with… Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson! If many of them have complained about the Orlando bubble and its particular operation, they can … Read more

Drew Barrymore on his friendship with Cameron Diaz: we even shared a bed | entertainment

Drew Barrymore on his friendship with Cameron Diaz we even

She is one of the greats of Hollywood. Millions of people go to theaters because of you. Cameron Diaz has loved movies like There’s Something About Mary, The Damage Girlfriends, Super Cute and Super Sexy. On Tuesday he celebrates his fiftieth birthday. Her best friend, Drew Barrymore (47), congratulates her at BILD am SONNTAG. 1994 … Read more

An obsessed fan of the band “Why don’t we” breaks into a member’s house and sleeps in his bed

What are the differences between Facebook of 2004 and Facebook

The American boyband “Why Don’t We” is made up of 5 guysaged between 24 and 21 the youngest, and started his music career in September 2016. Currentlythe band is on a work hiatus having entered litigation against his ex-manager. The group called off the concert tour they had planned for this summer. But today the … Read more

Laura Bozzo accuses one of the participants of ‘LCDLF2’ of going from bed to bed

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

‘The House of Famous 2’ is in the final stretch and it is that next Monday they will announce the last eliminated of this season. Therefore, the tension between the few remaining participants has been increasing with the passing of days. One of the most recent cases is that of Yvonne Montero with Laura Bozzo … Read more

Between pajamas and from bed to bed, Harry Styles premieres a new video and this is how the networks react

After almost two months Harry Styles will throw “late night talking” and with more than 180 thousand reproductions on Spotify, he finally published the video clip of the song, where the Englishman jumps from one bed to another, which leads him to unfortunate climatic situations or destined for a feast surrounded by guests or a … Read more

Sophie Auster: “Now I know that success is not always a bed of roses”

Sophie Auster Now I know that success is not always

The singer, actress and model Sophie Auster – who has performed on a few occasions in Barcelona venues – returns to the Spanish stage with a single performance tomorrow Friday in Ibiza, specifically at the ContrastIbiza music and visual arts festival in Sant Antoni. read also BARCELONA Editorial Office The also daughter of the writers … Read more

Andrés García reveals what led him to stay in bed in a hospital in Mexico

1649818142 Andres Garcia reveals what led him to stay in bed

Andrés García with his wife Margarita Portillo Instagram/ A. Garcia The octogenarian actor of Dominican origin Andrés García, a legend of Mexican cinema, theater and soap operas for more than half a century, made headlines again when he reappeared on social networks lying in a hospital bed with a listless appearance. In the image, the … Read more

Karol G dances from bed with a sexy outfit and turns on Instagram

Karol G dances from bed with a sexy outfit and

Carol G Photo: Sergi Alexander/Getty Images Carol G She has once again captivated thousands of her Instagram followers with a new video where she demonstrates her sensuality. from the bed with sheets, wearing a shiny black outfit, and singing and moving his body to the rhythm of the music. “THE MOST CHIMBA OF ALL THE … Read more