Forget Batman! Robert Pattinson Should Be The Next James Bond According To Danny Boyle – Home

Robert Pattinson made his debut as Bruce Wayne earlier this year in Matt Reeves’ the batman. It was his first foray into the superhero genre and has been a box office hit. Last month it was revealed that the film would be getting a sequel. But one legendary director thinks Pattinson should switch gears and … Read more

After Tom Holland, Gary Oldman (Harry Potter, Batman) has very bad news for you

After Tom Holland Gary Oldman Harry Potter Batman has very

A few months ago, the very young but very popular Tom Holland surprised his world by announcing that he had decided to retire from acting, at least temporarily. Much older (64), actor Gary Oldman is also very popular. On the other hand, he has behind him a much richer filmography of which he does not … Read more

Here the most acclaimed Batmobiles of the entire Batman saga

Batman has had different cars to fight evil. At Tork we are lovers of the seventh art and today we will delve into his most acclaimed Batmobiles. Then join us on this speedy adventure. May 04, 2022 1:50 p.m. Batman, the darkest superheroine, has had since her beginnings a car that guides, helps and accompanies … Read more

The Batman 2: the sequel with Robert Pattinson is launched

The Batman 2 the sequel with Robert Pattinson is launched

It’s official if not surprising: “The Batman” will be entitled to a sequel! This will be directed by Matt Reeves, already at the controls of the first opus, and Robert Pattinson will be back in the role of the Bat Man. Few people will be surprised by this announcement. But it has the merit of … Read more

What happened to the life of Chris O’Donnell, the actor of Batman and Robin

American actor, Chris O’Donnell51, who co-starred in the film batman and robin (1997), has had a good career in both film and television. Currently he can be seen as one of the protagonists of the series NCIS: Los Angeles. He is also very focused on promoting a business that he set up in California. The … Read more

The Batman is different and it shows even in the way the character speaks, the director explains why

1650547196 The Batman is different and it shows even in the

Why doesn’t Robert Pattinson use Batman’s famous growl when wearing the Batsuit? Matt Reeves offers the explanation. The Batman arrived on HBO Max last Monday. The new movie of Gotham Dark Knight marked the debut of Robert Pattinson as the title character. Matt Reeves took over from Ben Affleck to direct the project that the … Read more

Batman: Matt Reeves confirms surprising detail about the Riddler that went unnoticed by the public | tomatoes

Batman Matt Reeves confirms surprising detail about the Riddler that

batman- 85% It arrived this morning on the HBO Max platform and fans are delighted with the possibility of seeing the film in exceptional quality. Through social networks, numerous reactions to the great event have been issued and new details have even been discovered that largely went unnoticed by the public. Matt Reevesthe director, confirms … Read more

You found it? The director confirms the secret appearance of the Riddler in a scene of ‘The Batman’

1650353090 You found it The director confirms the secret appearance of

With the premiere of ‘The Batman’ on HBO Max, a fan discovered a secret scene from the Riddler and Matt Reeves confirmed it! Did you notice it from your screen time? HBO Max is now available The Batman, the vision of Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson of the beloved Detective Bat. And not only the … Read more

All the premieres what to see this week on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney + April 18-24: The Batman

All the premieres what to see this week on

Hungover from the Easter holidays (or bridge), we face the penultimate week of April returning to normal. And to get through this Monday, we have the biggest premiere of the year in terms of VOD platforms in Spain -and practically in the world. because if you have HBO Max you can now see The Batman, … Read more