The romantic movie that will make you cry: it lasts two hours and is based on real events

The romantic movie that will make you cry it lasts.webp

General interest TV This production premiered in 2021 and currently occupies one of the first positions in the ranking of the most viewed. 09/29/2022 10:26 am Netflix It never stops launching new movies and series that quickly become the favorites of platform users. This … Read more

‘Blonde’, Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy: Is the rape scene based on real events?

Blonde Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy Is the rape scene based

Marilyn Monroe and the story behind Kennedy’s happy birthday Marilyn Monro’s autopsy: what did she die of? The biopic on the life of Marilyn Monroe Blonde starring Ana de Armas, inspired by the homonymous novel by Joyce Carol Oates, is raising many doubts, most of them unreasonable, about the real life of the actress. The … Read more

The unmissable Netflix movie based on true events about the tallest man in the world

To see one movie knowing that you are based on real events It completely changes the viewer’s perspective. Above all, when it seems like a fictitious story far removed from our daily lives, and in reality it is inspired by the life of the tallest man in the world of the 19th century. This is … Read more

10 Horror Movies Based on True Events; Did you know his true story?

10 Horror Movies Based on True Events Did you know

Terror is a strange emotion that although it is not the most pleasant to feel, many people are constantly looking for it, because despite the tension it can generate, the chills in the back are addictive. However, in the film industry there are some special stories that leave a very different taste in the mouth … Read more

Stephen King turns 75: the 10 best films based on his work

The most outstanding series that arrive in

On the occasion of celebrating the 75th birthday of the author born in Maine, United States, on September 21, 1947, here are the best films that adapt the work of Stephen King according to the specialized portal IMDb. The fog The fog.jpg Dimension Films In a small town in Maine, a violent storm suddenly breaks … Read more

Netflix: the film based on a true story that leaves you breathless and is in first place

Netflix the film based on a true story that leaves.webp

The French film, almost two hours long, already has more than 13 million views and leads the top 10 worldwide on the streaming platform. The ranking of the most watched movies in Netflix It varies constantly due to its constant renewal of titles. In this case, the leading production … Read more

Netflix gives a first look at the new movie based on a play by Stephen King

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Netflix continues betting on the horror genre and this time it does it big, since it will present a film based on a creation of Stephen King. Is about Mr Harrigan’s phonea short story written by the teacher and is part of the book If it bleeds. In 2020 it was announced that the adaptation … Read more

Netflix’s most controversial Korean movie is based on true events

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Netflix is one of the platforms where you can enjoy Korean content, from series, dramas and movies, even country reality shows. In addition to its original productions, new titles and different genres that you may like are released month after month. South Korea is characterized by the originality of its plots, the bizarreness of some … Read more