Homophobic pressure kills off Mashrou Leila, one of the Middle East’s leading rock bands

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

Just five years ago, 35,000 people at a concert in Cairo sang songs by the most influential alternative rock band in the Middle East, the Lebanese Mashrou Leila, a symbol of LGBTI rights critical in his lyrics with homophobia and racism. On the 11th, its leader, Hamed Sinno, announced the separation of the group due … Read more

[Festivales] 70 bands take Medellín in the Ciudad Altavoz 2022

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From September 23 to 25, 70 alternative music bands from Medellín start their way to Altavoz Fest in the punk, metal, rap, rock, core, ska and reggae, electronic and alternative genres. The day will take place in two stages in Medellín: the Carlos Vieco open-air theater and in the Gabriel García Márquez Park Channel – … Read more

Tributes from within: bands that fill more than local (and international) groups | Metal Circus

Tributes from within bands that fill more than local and

The world of tribute bands seems totally alien to our scene given the high level of “hate” they receive on networks. But then their concerts are full of people, more than with underground bands that are born. We spoke with one of the most important promoters of this type of concert in our country, Ernest … Read more

Coldplay in the movies: All about Chris Martin and his band’s debut on the big screen

Coldplay in the movies All about Chris Martin and his

Coldplay is doing one of the most surprising tours of 2022. There are dozens of dates spread over many countries. Now the British band is in South America, and one of these shows will be broadcast worldwide in cinemas. When will the debut of Chris Martin and his group on the big screen? LISTEN TO … Read more

Cordillera Festival: iconic bands, competing companies and the public, all united by a party in Spanish

Cordillera Festival iconic bands competing companies and the public all

Marciano Cantero, leader of Enanitos Verdes, a band from the eighties era of rock in Spanish that could have fit into this broad celebration of Latin American sounds called Festival Cordillera, has died. It would not be forgiven, because if any of the 44 bands, most of them well-known, others emerging and others nascent, did … Read more

Do you know which bands are considered the best in the history of rock & roll? Get to know them here!

Paul McCartney did a virtual duet with John Lennon at

Inside of the rock, there are bands that over time became great legends for the genre and even if new groups arrive, they cannot be surpassed. There are bands that marked the history of rock Since the remembered singer Elvis Presley began to popularize the “rock and roll”various bands began to emerge that are considered … Read more

BTS: This is the result of the survey on the band’s military exemption

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

The military service of bts, one of the most successful bands in the world, has been a topic that has divided Korean people in recent months. Many are in favor and others against because they are artists and representatives of the country. Recently, Jowon C&I, a company specialized in public opinion polls, announced the results … Read more