With “The Enforcer”, Antonio Banderas shows that he is still an action hero

With The Enforcer Antonio Banderas shows that he is still

A hitman has to sacrifice everything to save a young woman he has befriended. (Screen Media) Movies about hitmen are very successful at the box office and among the public because, sometimes, even though the story doesn’t support the film, the action scenes, explosions and chases keep the viewer glued to the chair. [Más series … Read more

“Official competition”: Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz, Oscar Martínez and the ball of egos

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

Discovered in Venice in 2016 with honorary citizen a black comedy that had won actor Oscar Martinez the best actor award, Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat were back in Competition at the Mostra in September 2021 with Official Competence, a satire on the world of cinema that made the Lido roar with laughter. In their … Read more

The dizzying cleavage of Victoria de Marichalar at the Starlite gala: the crazy evening of King Felipe’s niece with Antonio Banderas and Richard Gere

The dizzying cleavage of Victoria de Marichalar at the Starlite

The Gala Starlite Porcelanosa is an annual social event not to be missed in Marbella. Many Spanish personalities and international celebrities attend every year. Victoria de Marichalar, daughter of the Infanta Elena, can never miss an opportunity to shine in society. King Felipe’s niece wore a sequined dress with a double neckline, as dizzying from … Read more

Richard Gere, special guest at Banderas birthday party

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

the protagonist of Officer and Gentleman Y beautiful womanamerican actor Richard Gerewho is visiting Marbella (Málaga) for the first time, will be one of the special guests this Monday at the birthday party of Antonio Banderaswho on August 10 turned 62. Richard Gere arrived in the city accompanied by his wife, the publicist from La … Read more

“We wrote a $500 million movie.” The screenwriter of ‘Django/Zorro’ confirms that Quentin Tarantino’s project with Jamie Foxx and Antonio Banderas exists but… it’s complicated

We wrote a 500 million movie The screenwriter of DjangoZorro

It’s been three years since Quentin Tarantino amazed us with his splendid love letter to the cinema entitled ‘Once upon a time in… Hollywood’, but the one from Knoxville has not yet decided what will be his tenth and – if he keeps his promise to retire after it – last film. But this does not mean, under any circumstances, that it does not have projects and bullets in the chamber to give and take.

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Spy Kids: we know who will replace Antonio Banderas in the new version

Spy Kids we know who will replace Antonio Banderas in

Robert Rodriguez seems to have found his new headliners for his reboot of Spy Kids and among them two actors that you surely know… Names to discover immediately! Spy Kids creator Robert Rodriguez has found his new spy family for the newest take on his popular family adventure franchise. Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi, on … Read more

The shock of Antonio Banderas when meeting Harrison Ford turned into Indiana Jones

The 2023 will mark one of the most anticipated returns, that of Indiana Jones. The mythical archaeologist and adventurer interpreted by Harrison Ford will have his fifth and final filmwhich has to its credit an important cast of stars, including the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas. indiana jones 5 has suffered a significant number of delays, … Read more

In photos: from Cameron Díaz’s accident to Oscar Martínez, Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz’s red carpet

1645589267 In photos from Cameron Diazs accident to Oscar Martinez Antonio

Between work and important events in their personal lives, movie stars do not hide. In Los Angeles, Sydney or Madrid, photographers are dedicated to looking for celebrities so that the world can learn of their every step. Red carpets, romantic outings and everyday activities like shopping: we tell you what celebrities are up to these … Read more

Antonio Banderas: “I really like what I do, that’s the key”

1644830793 Antonio Banderas I really like what I do thats the

At 61 years old, Antonio Banderas maintains a level of activity that amazes locals and strangers. “The other day a lady yelled at me in the theater in the middle of the show that if it was really me,” he said during an interview on the occasion of the premiere in local theaters of “Uncharted”, … Read more

Antonio Banderas lo tiene todo: “Ahora estoy haciendo lo que quiero”

1644768270 Antonio Banderas lo tiene todo Ahora estoy haciendo lo que

Se le ha puesto la voz algo más densa y el hablar más sereno a Antonio Banderas. Cosas o del paso del tiempo, que, por otro lado, ha decidido respetarle porque está en perfecta forma, o de la tranquilidad con la que, claramente, afronta de un tiempo a esta parte una existencia que ha vivido … Read more