The most famous ‘beefs’ in the music industry: Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift, Resident vs. J Balvin…

The most famous beefs in the music industry Katy Perry

Music crosses borders and unites, although on occasions it has also caused the occasional scuffle. Rifirrafe that, on occasions, has caused the artists themselves to send messages of all kinds through their songs. At LOS40 we have been witnessing this type of beef’sand now we wanted to review some of the encounters that have most … Read more

Coldplay: in Colombia the band sang reggaeton by Bad Bunny and J Balvin and other surprises from their show

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In the first of their two concerts at the El Campín stadium in Bogotá, the group led by Chris Martin performed hymns such as Fix you, Yellow and Viva la Vida, as well as newer topics like My Universe, Higher power and Humankind. On the first night before the British came on stage, the Colombian … Read more

Minute by minute of the Coldplay concert: The group sang a song by J Balvin

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The presentation of Chris Martin, John Buckland, Phil Harvey, Will Champion, and Guy Berriman is scheduled for this Friday, September 16 and Saturday, September 17.recognized for being part of the Coldplay group on their return to Colombia after six years of not playing their hits in the country. This event, of great magnitude, takes place … Read more

Criticism of J Balvin for having canceled a concert due to heavy rain

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

The concert that was scheduled for August 16, in which J Balvin would perform at the town theater, Within the framework of the Potosina National Fair (Fenapo), in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, it was canceled due to weather issues, since in addition to torrential rains, there was also an electrical storm. Faced with this situation, … Read more

J Balvin will headline the concert prior to the 2022 NFL kickoff

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The Countdown heading to 2022 NFL season kickoff has started. next september 8 the Buffalo Bills will head to SoFi Stadium to face the reigning Super Bowl champions, Los Angeles Rams. As per tradition, there will be a whole series of pre-game events as part of the NFL Kickoff Experience, among them, an inaugural concert … Read more

This was the J Balvin concert in Kosovo, he met Dua Lipa

J Balvin tested his level of perreo with a lady

J Balvin, Colombian urban singer. Photo: Instagram @jbalvin Among the recent musical occupations of J Balvin, these days he figured the development of a musical presentation in Kosovo. The urban singer went on stage to sound the best of his reggaeton before the large number of attendees, who danced non-stop to his songs from what … Read more

“I’m a super fan of Metallica”: J Balvin confessed his “love” for the popular American band

Im a super fan of Metallica J Balvin confessed his

There is no doubt that J Balvin He is one of the most recognized Latin American artists in the medium thanks to his vast artistic career in the urban genre. Nevertheless, the Colombian recently confessed to being a staunch fan of Metallicain addition to knowing several songs of the popular American band. The topic author … Read more

“I’m a super fan of Metallica”: J Balvin said that he even knows complete songs of the band

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J Balvin is a big fan of Metallica (Photo: Instagram) J Balvinone of the Latin American artists who has won the most fans in recent years, confessed to being a avid metallica fan and that even of knows several songs of them. The interpreter of songs like “My people” Y “Boom Boom Tam Tam” said … Read more

J Balvin makes Shakira DESPLANTE and the Colombian fans ENRAGE | VIDEO

J Balvin is on the way to being one of the most hated characters of 2022, the Colombian singer was the target of criticism after a rudeness what did he do to Shakirawhich caused the networks to turn against him and again put him at the center of the controversy for his statements that infuriate … Read more

J Balvin tested his level of perreo with a lady: “Doña Margarita’s husband is looking for me”

J Balvin tested his level of perreo with a lady

J Balvin, Colombian urban singer. Photo: Instagram @jbalvin J Balvin continues unstoppable, constantly giving his audience more and more music, both solo and collaborative songs. For example, one of his most recent songs is ‘Nivel de perreo’, a collaboration with Ryan Castro that he released together with his video clip on June 30. How could … Read more