Carlos Albert and his dismissal from TV Azteca for agreeing to visit Subcomandante Marcos

Carlos Albert and his dismissal from TV Azteca for agreeing

Carlos Albert and Subcomandante Marcos. (Getty Images/AP) It is a fact that Charles Albert knew how to become a reference voice in all media in which he entered. His television interventions were as vehement as his opinion columns. She never kept anything to herself nor did she want to look good with anyone. Hugo Sanchez, … Read more

Pati Chapoy spoke about the changes in TV Azteca schedules

Pati Chapoy spoke about the changes in TV Azteca schedules

In May 2019, windowing extended its schedule one hour, broadcasting from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., seeking that the audience of the program help to recover the rating that Aztec TV I had lost back then. This schedule was maintained until mid-2022, supposedly due to internal changes within the Ajusco television station. Initially, the time … Read more

Vanessa Claudio recalled when she resigned from TV Azteca: “Did I graduate from university for this?”

Vanessa Claudio recalled when she resigned from TV Azteca Did

This is what Vanessa Claudio currently looks like (Photo: Instagram/@vanessaclaudio) In early January 2022, vanessa claudio returned to Mexico to host one of the most popular programs on open television in Mexico, To the extreme. his return to Aztec TV marked one of the television returns of one of the favorite presenters since her time … Read more

The Academy: Rubí confesses the worst of the TV Azteca reality show

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Apparently the criticism of Lolita Cortés or of the other judges it was not the worst of The Academy for Rubí Ibarra, there are other situations that bothered the most famous fifteen-year-old in Mexico. Potosina remains active for being the former student most interviewed in the media and between the fans He wonders what he … Read more

Shock on TV Azteca: Christian Nodal appears without tattoos on his face and radically loses weight

Mexico City.- The famous and young singer of the Mexican regional, Christian Nodalagain just leave in complete shock to his millions of followers on social media Aztec TVWell, this one just appear unrecognizablesince it does not have no tattoo on face and with a very radical weight lossWell, it is very noticeable that he has … Read more

Jorge Campos demonstrates his loyalty to TV Azteca

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The former goalkeeper Jorge Campos made his loyalty clear Aztec TVthe television station that gave him the opportunity after his retirement as a soccer player, confessing that he has rejected offers from other television stations. During a chat with the Golden Scorpionthe former goalkeeper made it clear that not even José Ramón would say yes … Read more

By TV Azteca: Famous actress was withdrawn from prominence on Televisa for this “betrayal”

Mexico City.- The famous actress and renowned presenter, Adamari Lopezhas recently been giving a lot to talk about for an alleged ‘betrayal’ with TV Aztecabecause he remembered the moment when he was withdrawal of a major role within Televisabeing replaced by Aracely Arámbulaafter months of preparing in the CEA to occupy that place in the … Read more

Mónica Naranjo impacts TV Azteca by proposing to Ana Bárbara and she accepts

Mexico City.- The famous and renowned Spanish singer, Monica Naranjoduring his special participation in The academyleft completely shocked everyone inside Aztec TVwell in the middle of the live program he proposed marriage to the beloved singer and current member of the jury, Anna Barbara, which far from surprised I agree immediately the proposal, causing a … Read more

Goodbye TV Azteca: Drowned in tears, Rubí confesses that she would like to leave ‘The Academy 20 years’

Written in FAMOUS the 6/28/2022 1:27 p.m. Mexico City.- Rubí Ibarrathe most famous quinceañera in Mexico, broke down crying a few hours ago during the concert review of The Academy 20 years and confessed before the cameras of Aztec TV that she no longer feels comfortable in the reality show and that she would have … Read more

After an affair with her boss on Televisa and 10 years retired, TV Azteca actress ‘comes out of the closet’

Mexico City.- A controversial actress and vedette, who began her career in Televisa and had a intense romance with her boss on television, he returns to the company to tell several truths and confesses on another program if he had a affair with another woman. Is about Niurka Marcoscall ‘The Scandal Woman‘, who has worked … Read more