Learning to say “no”, Elizabeth Olsen’s key to avoiding disappointment

Learning to say no Elizabeth Olsens key to avoiding disappointment

The Olsen twins, Ashley and Mary-Kate, are Elizabeth’s older sisters. Born in 1986 (now 35 years old), they are three years older than this one. The Olsens made their debut on television when they were only 9 months old, in the popular series Padres forzosos. They grew up in the sight of millions of spectators … Read more

Radio and Television Commission endorses avoiding censorship in programs for the use of language

With 14 votes in favor, the Radio and Television Commission approved avoiding censorship in programming for the use of language after the Federal Telecommunications Law ordered the use of the correct use of language in programming that is broadcast through radio broadcasting or television. and restricted audio. In a blended meeting, it was endorsed to … Read more

Britney Spears criticizes Christina Aguilera for avoiding question on red carpet

Britney Spears criticizes Christina Aguilera for avoiding question on red

Britney Spears He criticized Christina Aguilera for awkwardly avoiding a question about her during a Latin Grammys red carpet appearance. Singer, who was released from her controversial legal fix last week, He posted an Instagram story last night (November 19) where he shared his displeasure at the televised moment. During the conversation, a reporter asks … Read more

Taking care of Lady Gaga’s dogs can cost you your life, Ryan Fischer was shot four times while avoiding her kidnapping

Taking care of Lady Gagas dogs can cost you your

The former keeper of Lady Gaga’s dogs, Ryan Fischer, whose fame is unfortunately explained by the fact that last February he was shot four times in the chest during an operation to kidnap the artist’s pets, has granted a new interview with CBS television to narrate in great detail the endless setbacks he had to … Read more