More than 80% of attendees to the Bad Bunny show in Lima nominated their tickets to avoid scams

More than 80 of attendees to the Bad Bunny show

Concertgoers have already registered their tickets for Bad Bunny’s concerts in Lima. After the embarrassing case of Pamela Cabanillasthe alleged leader of ‘The QR of the scam’, the platform teleticket announced in a statement that those attending the concert of bad bunny They must nominate their entries with their full names and ID. In this … Read more

For Daddy Yankee’s concert in Guayaquil, businessman guarantees security, but asks that attendees collaborate to avoid incidents | Music | Entertainment

For Daddy Yankees concert in Guayaquil businessman guarantees security but

a capacity for “a little more than 32,000 people” is what is planned for daddy yankee concert, which will take place at the Alberto Spencer stadium, in Guayaquil, on October 4. This is stated by Allan Acosta, president of Alive Productions, the show’s organizing company. As the artist approaches Ecuador, his fans are waiting for … Read more

Famke Janssen says GoldenEye’s success made her avoid other major roles

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

Fame has a price, and it’s not a price that everyone is willing to pay. veteran actress Famke Janssen found out she was one of those people after the fame she gained with her breakout role in the James Bond movie golden eye. Released in 1994 and starring Pierce Brosnan in his first Bond film, … Read more

How to avoid hearing problems at concerts or caused by the use of headphones, according to experts

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

It is recommended to rest your ears for 18 hours after a noisy event and not to listen to music with headphones for more than an hour A large proportion of cases of hearing loss are permanent How drought affects the skin Specialists in Otolaryngology, due to the fact that a large part of cases … Read more

John Wayne Overcame Dysentery While Filming His First Leading Movie Role to Avoid Being Replaced – Home

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

Actor John Wayne once had to endure dysentery during the course of filming. the great trail. The film was a box office bombshell, but it went down in history as the actor’s first leading role. Additionally, many other Western films would draw inspiration from the 1930 feature. However, director Raoul Walsh almost gave another actor … Read more

This would be the agreement that JLo and Ben Affleck would have to avoid infidelity

This would be the agreement that JLo and Ben Affleck

JLo and Ben Affleck left their fans speechless after secretly getting married in Las Vegas, luckily afterwards they had their dream wedding; however, the newlywed couple would be having complications. The wedding between ‘Bronx Diva’ and the actor who plays Batman in the “L”League of Justice” It was extremely special, as the singer described it … Read more

I Am Legend Sequel Will “Avoid” One of Will Smith’s Biggest Movie Sequel Mistakes

I Am Legend Sequel Will Avoid One of Will Smiths

A few months ago we told you that Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan will star in the sequel to I Am Legend, the film starring Smith in 2007 and based on the novel by Richard Matheson. I am legend transports us to New York in a world that has suffered an apocalypse after a … Read more

Cary Grant, the heartthrob who abandoned everything to avoid repeating his greatest trauma

Cary Grant the heartthrob who abandoned everything to avoid repeating

He was the male reference of an entire cinematographic generation. Cary Grant he was the epitome of elegance personified, admired by the industry and the world at large. At first glance, anyone would say that he had it all, however, his personal history contains a tragedy that defined his entire life. So much so that … Read more

Fourth wave COVID-19: how to avoid contagion if you attend a concert, party or social event

Fourth wave COVID 19 how to avoid contagion if you attend

About 6 concerts and 600 dance events will be held between July and August. The Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) announced that the activities that involve social events (concerts, parties, among others) will not be suspendedthis despite the more than 40 thousand cases of COVID-19 that have been registered in the last week … Read more

Learn how to avoid being scammed with fake concert and event tickets

Raleigh.- This summer, events with live music are a good alternative to have fun with friends and family. But if we are not careful, the search for a pleasant experience can turn into a nightmare. Scammers are taking advantage of people’s enthusiasm to sell them fake tickets and even create nonexistent events, warns the Better … Read more