Joaquin Phoenix left Ella’s set while Scarlett Johansson’s orgasm audio was recorded

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

Agencies / The Voice of Michoacán Ella (95%), a 2013 romantic drama film written, directed and produced by Spike Jonze (Three Kings (94%), The Orchid Thief (91%)), stars Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, Rooney Mara, Amy Adams, Olivia Wilde and Chris Pratt. The plot follows Theodore Twombly, a character from phoenixa lonely man who develops a … Read more

How to add music or audio to a video with your Samsung mobile

How to add music or audio to a video with

Video editing is something that we can already do from our mobile. It is no longer necessary to be a professional to edit our videos. Either with the help of third-party applications or without installing anything, as in the case of mobile phones Samsung that through its own video editor. Put music to your videos … Read more

Spotify investment in podcast and audio exceeds $1.2 billion – Music Industry

Symphonic Distribution buys marketing agency Streaming Promotions Music Industry

According to the calculations of MBW, Spotify it has spent $1.26 billion on company acquisitions, focused on strengthening the platform’s audio and podcast capabilities. This figure does not include estimated spending on talent and content contracts with celebrities such as Joe Rogan, Barack and Michelle Obama, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Call Her Daddywhich … Read more

Niurka Marcos and the audio in which she speaks pests about her children

Niurka Marcos and the audio in which she speaks pests about her children | Instagram It is well known that the actress and dancer, Niurka Marcosis always in the eye of the hurricane Because of her particular character and way of saying things, well, she considers herself a woman without ‘hair in her mouth’. Now … Read more

Netflix launches a new spatial audio for its catalog of series and movies

Netflix launches a new spatial audio for its catalog of

The feature is available this week and requires users to type “spatial audio” in the search bar to see available shows! 07/08/2022 19:00 In recent months Netflix has focused on test strategies to weigh user churn. But these not only include new subscription options, but technical challenges that could be attractive to bring them back. … Read more

The audio series ‘Case 63’ arrives in the United States starring Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac

Academy Award and Emmy Award-winning actress Julianne Moore and Golden Globe-winning actor Oscar Issac have been chosen to be part of the cast of the new Spotify Original podcast, Case 63. Both also serve as executive producers on the podcast. With an upcoming launch in 2022, Case 63 follows psychiatrist Eliza Knight (Moore), who records … Read more

TIERRA Audio Boards Blockchain to Boost Music Industry Revenue

The technology behind the cryptocurrencies allows to promote the different musical projects of the real world economy. They have created the Resonance token to boost the music sector through utilities that provide added value to all users in their day-to-day operations. They will help maximize the economic returns of artists and their creative teams by … Read more

For music and audio editing on Mac, which one should you buy?

1641329927 For music and audio editing on Mac which one should

The most important components Before talking about each of the Macs that are recommended to be able to make a music edition, we must review the most important components. This is crucial to take into account, since it is an internal configuration that in most models cannot be modified. The points that must be taken … Read more

Apple Music, spatial audio, Vetusta Morla and why you will never listen to your favorite music the same way again

Apple Music spatial audio Vetusta Morla and why you will

Mix in Dolby Atmos adds an extra complexity to the song. The musicians not only have to write the songs, play them, assemble the parts, record them and polish them, but also now have to choose from where the sound of each of the tracks and instruments is going to sound … and how it … Read more

Clubhouse now allows concerts offering Hi-Fi audio quality

Clubhouse now allows concerts offering Hi Fi audio quality

It became famous during the pandemic thanks to the fact that it allowed us to see a lot of famous people in virtual rooms, which gave us the feeling that we were accompanied and in good company. Now it is a virtual joint where the bands play. Surely during confinement did you hear about clubhouse, … Read more