Disney can no longer trust ‘The Mandalorian’: the audience for the third season does not look good

Disney can no longer trust The Mandalorian the audience for

Disney is beginning to run out of more or less infallible options. We were talking a couple of days ago about the cancellation of ‘Willow’, exclusive to Disney+. Besides not speaking too highly of the quality of this sequel, suggests that perhaps nostalgia and IPs from another time are not infallible by themselves: you have … Read more

The island of temptations: everything we know about season 6 of the reality show, Telecinco’s great hope to save its audience in 2023

1673928554 The island of temptations everything we know about season 6

After a disastrous 2022, Telecinco wants to make the most of one of the few reality shows that worked fairly well for it (despite closing the least-watched edition in the program’s history). After the failure of ‘Nightmare in Paradise 2’season 6 of the island of temptations will be the next attempt to get out of … Read more

Was the Arctic Monkeys mania born?: the most anticipated band of Primavera Sound and the fervor of an audience that wanted to be very close

Was the Arctic Monkeys mania born the most anticipated band

When in 2018 Arctic Monkeys He launched Tranquility base hotel & casinotheir sixth studio album, critics and audiences alike were initially somewhat taken aback, given the abrupt and notorious change in musical direction the band adopted from A.Mits successful and award-winning predecessor published in 2013. Five years after that event, the panorama was very different: … Read more

Opinion and audience Diane de Poitiers (France 2 series): reviews with Hugo Becker and Isabelle Adjani

Opinion and audience Diane de Poitiers France 2 series reviews

Diane de Poitiers the new series of France 2 with a beautiful cast on Monday November 7, 2022 with in particular Samuel Labarthe, Adjani, Hugo Becker.. . What’s the story? Everything you need to know about this event series. Share your opinions on this costume series. Your reactions to the Diane de Poitiers Passionfilms -FTV … Read more

Goodbye, Dr. Simi? Like when you’re in the middle of a concert and the audience throws a camera at you

Goodbye Dr Simi Like when youre in the middle of

We know that People can be very passionate about their favorite artists and even give them some pretty weird gifts.. In Mexico we have the case of the famous Dr. Simi, who is in the best events and even (although not everyone likes this curious tradition), we always see him together with great musicians and … Read more

Netflix has a problem: all these own productions are an audience failure

Netflix has a problem all these own productions are an

Blonde It was destined to be one of the great bombings of Netflix. An own production on the legendary Marilyn Monroe. It had absolutely everything to succeed and position itself as the number one streaming platform. However, it has been a resounding failure. Not for specialized critics, but for the average subscriber. The biopic about … Read more

Andrés Calamaro in Lima and how his devotion to bullfighting divided the audience at his concert | CHRONICLE

Andres Calamaro in Lima and how his devotion to bullfighting

“Good night, Peru salsero, bullfighting and bohemian”, said Andrés Calamaro and, as we suspected, the chords of “Bohemio” sounded. Thus began the concert that would end the Peruvian tour that led the singer to previously walk his voice through Arequipa, Cusco and Trujillo last week. Lima was his last place and, although his appearance on … Read more

‘Blonde’ is a resounding audience failure for Netflix, which sees some of its most ambitious productions sink

Blonde is a resounding audience failure for Netflix which sees

Netflix, for the moment, does not have to fear that its reign among streaming platforms will be discussed: a few weeks ago, ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ shattered the record for the best third week of all time for an English-language Netflix series. At that time, 701.37 million hours in 19 days, it was second … Read more

“Argentina, 1985” won the audience award in San Sebastián

Argentina 1985 won the audience award in San Sebastian

The film directed by Santiago Miter is based on the historic Jucio a las Juntas, when the responsibilities of the nine military chiefs who led the military dictatorship that ruled Argentina between 1976 and 1983 were determined. Argentina, 1985directed by Santiago Miter with Ricardo Darin like the prosecutor Julius Caesar Strassera Y Peter Lanzani In … Read more

The film “Argentina 1985” won the audience award at the San Sebastian Festival

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

And, highlighting the importance of this recognition, he expressed his gratitude “to all the viewers who voted for it and who make Argentina, 1985 join a list that includes films such as El padre, El Artista, 3 adverts por un muerte, Diarios de Motorcycle or Little Miss Sunshine, among others”. “We are more than happy … Read more