Turkey’s latest attack on the arts: Provincial governor cancels long-awaited music festival

Turkeys latest attack on the arts Provincial governor cancels long awaited

Municipality of Eskisehir. Photo by Seyfi ┼×eren, via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0), Just three days before Anadolu Fest, a music festival to be held in Turkey’s Eskisehir province, the city’s Governor’s Office announced that all events, including concerts, festivals and demonstrations, would be canceled from March 25. with the aim of “guaranteeing order and … Read more

Bands you should listen to if you like Massive Attack and trip hop

From Portishead to Tricky, you won’t stop listening to these trip hop bands, a musical genre born in London in the 1990s. massive attack is one of those bands that has fallen in love with thousands of Mexicans for its musical proposal, activism and incredible live shows. Made by Robert del Naja, Andrew Vowles (Mushroom) … Read more

Yailin, the most viral, suffered an attack in concert: “We did not realize”

The singer Yailin, who calls herself ‘the most viral’, is the protagonist of a new controversy, this time not because of her relationship with rapper Anuel AA. The 21-year-old Dominican has been offering concerts on small stages in the United States in recent days. It was in one of these where a fan attacked her. … Read more

Russian TV broadcasts the simulation of a nuclear attack on Europe: “it would create a radioactive desert” | VIDEO

Russian TV broadcasts the simulation of a nuclear attack on

the television of Russia released a simulation of a nuclear attack on Europe that would cause the elimination of Ireland and the United Kingdom, something that has sparked great indignation. The video was presented on Sunday on Channel One’s 60 minutes program. It showed a map of Europe being bombarded by nuclear missilesaccording to media … Read more

“I only laughed because I thought I was joking and he slapped my face”: Amber Heard remembers Johnny Depp’s first attack

I only laughed because I thought I was joking and

During the afternoon of this Wednesday, the actress Amber Heard began her testimony on the stand in the middle of the media trial against her ex-husbandJohnny Depp, where there are mutual accusations of defamation and domestic violence. Thus, the interpreter reviewed her childhood, her youth, her career and reached the moment when the romance with … Read more

An original and rarely told story of the 9/11 attack

An original and rarely told story of the 911 attack

Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and the address of stephen daldry they invite you to write a review of what a viewer could enjoy during the film’s little more than two hours So strong and so close (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) and that is available on the platform hbo max. But this article is not … Read more

“It was disgusting that they let him continue.” Wanda Skyes criticizes that Will Smith could collect the Oscar after his attack on Chris Rock

1648683053 It was disgusting that they let him continue Wanda Skyes

The 94 award ceremony of the Oscar marked several milestones. A woman was crowned the best director of the year for the third time in the history of the awards, a deaf actor lifted the statuette for best supporting actor and, for the first time, an openly ‘queer’ actress won the prize. But all these moments were overshadowed by a slap and an embarrassing incident.

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The Attack on Metro 123: John Travolta experienced a terrible tragedy during the production of the film

The Attack on Metro 123 John Travolta experienced a terrible

In “The 123 Subway Attack”, John Travolta lends his features to an enigmatic criminal who takes the passengers of a New York subway hostage. The actor was unable to promote Tony Scott’s film in 2009, preferring to stay with his loved ones to face a heavy ordeal. Subway Attack 123 : hostage-taking in New York … Read more

Like Macaulay Culkin! Walk ends in tragedy after brutal bee attack

Like Macaulay Culkin Walk ends in tragedy after brutal bee

More than three decades ago, Macaulay Culkin became known in the world of cinema, with films like My poor angel. But the feature film My First Kiss was also well remembered and applauded. The story is completely different and has an unsatisfying ending. In 1990 he played the role of the protagonist’s best friend, the … Read more

Kanye West’s performance at the 2022 Grammys has been canceled after racial attack on presenter Trevor Noah

Kanye Wests performance at the 2022 Grammys has been canceled

Trevor Noah and Kanye West. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images/Grosby Group A source close to kanye-west revealed to The Blast that due to his “troubling online behavior” in recent weeks, rapper legally named Ye will no longer appear at the ceremony of the Grammy Awards 2022: “This is confirmed,” the media quoted on its website. The … Read more