“I’m bad because I asked for a DNA test, but if someone else asks for it, it’s normal”

1652526747 Im bad because I asked for a DNA test but

A question about the postponement of the concert with which he resumed the “Cerca de ti” tour was the origin of an unusual confession. As is known, William Davila has preferred not to delve into the relationship he has with his son Basque Madueño and the details of a subject that has brought him into … Read more

“We are very grateful for Ecuador, because they asked us to come back”, says David Miller of the group Il Divo a few days before his concert in Quito without Carlos Marín | Music | Entertainment

We are very grateful for Ecuador because they asked us

It is his second concert in the capital of Ecuador. Their first presentation was made in pre-pandemic, in 2019. Now Il Divo go back to Quito after two years of pandemicThis Tuesday, May 3. The show will be at General Rumiñahui Coliseum with an unfortunate difference between the two shows: the voice of spanish baritone … Read more

He caused a ruckus at a party, they put him on a patrol car and he asked for music to go ‘happy’ to jail

The world is not prepared for this type of occurrence. An young Mexican was arrested for causing a ruckus at a party and when he was transferred to the nearest delegation he asked that they play music in the patrol to enter the prison ‘happy’. This curious scene was recorded by his friend, who was … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy Reveals She Asked To Play The Mermaid In The Lighthouse But The Director Said No | tomatoes

Anya Taylor Joy Reveals She Asked To Play The Mermaid In

Anya Taylor-Joy reunited with filmmaker Robert Eggers for The Northman – 87%, her most recent film after being the protagonist of The Witch – 91%. Seeing both names together in the same project is something that surely fascinates any film fan, but the actress’s name could have appeared in another director’s film if it weren’t … Read more

Anuel’s fans asked him not to sing the song with Yailin on his tour

Anuels fans asked him not to sing the song with

Anuel AA Photo: Arthur Holmes/Getty Images Some days ago Anuel announced his tour called “Legends never die” through a video posted on his Instagram account. “I hadn’t announced the tour because I was finishing “THE LEGENDS NEVER DIE 2” Friday, April 8, the ticket office opens!!!!!!! 10 am I SWEAR THAT THIS TOUR IS GOING … Read more

Mel Gibson and Will Smith’s slap: this is how he reacted when asked if he would do the same

Mel Gibson and Will Smiths slap this is how he

american actor Mel Gibson was questioned about the violent moment they starred in Will Smith and Chris Rock in the delivery number 94 of the Oscar awards, held on March 27. It happened during an interview he gave Gibson to the presenter of Fox News Jesse Watters who took advantage of the moment to know … Read more

Asked on Netflix: the new interactive series of questions and answers

Asked on Netflix the new interactive series of questions and

From the April 1st Netflix’s interactive series is now available: Trivia Crack (Trivia Quest in English). Although it is considered as an interactive series, the background story is nothing more than a simple excuse to advance in the playable part. How do you play Trivia Crack on Netflix? In each chapter there 12 questions with … Read more

Belinda: how much money would the singer have asked Christian Nodal to pay off his debt and avoid going to prison

Belinda how much money would the singer have asked Christian

After the confirmation of the separation between Belinda and Christian Nodal, they emerged various rumors about the reasons that led the couple to make this drastic decision. One of the strongest rumors indicated that the interpreter of Light without gravity she borrowed money from her then-fiancé to settle a debt with the Tax Administration System … Read more

Following in the footsteps of Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes asked to end her guardianship

Following in the footsteps of Britney Spears Amanda Bynes asked

Following the example of Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes requested the end of the guardianship of her parents Following in the footsteps of the pop star Britney Spearsamerican actress Amanda Bynes The 35-year-old seeks to end the conservatorship that, nine years ago, gave his parents, Lynn and Rick Bynes, legal control over his health and financial … Read more

The most uncomfortable question of a director to Penelope Cruz: ‘He asked me if he ate me…’

The most uncomfortable question of a director to Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martinez have visited this monday ‘the anthill‘ To present ‘Official Competition’the new film directed by Gaston Duprat and Mariano Cohn which opens on next friday february 25 in theaters. The three performers have starred in a relaxed interview with Paul Motorcycles in which cinema has been discussed, but various … Read more