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Ballerina Will Keanu Reeves appear in the John Wick spin off

With a fourth film expected in March 2023 and “The Continental” series also scheduled for 2023, the John Wick universe is doing very well. So much so that his first spin-off, “Ballerina”, with Ana de Armas as a dancer-killer, is the object of all attention. And icing on the cake, John Wick himself could well … Read more

John Wick spin-off with Ana de Armas brings back one of the original stars

For Keanu Reeves the saga of John Wick It not only meant a resurgence in his career, but he became one of the great action figures of cinema. Such was the success of the saga created by Derek Kolstad that it has three films and a fourth on the way. And if that was not … Read more

Keanu Reeves returns to spin-off of ‘John Wick’ with Ana de Armas

Keanu Reeves returns to spin off of John Wick with Ana

Stop everything! Keanu Reeves will join Ana de Armas in ‘Ballerina’, spin-off of ‘John Wick’. This expands the Babayaga universe to epic levels. Will they become the great action couple? The John Wick-centric universe is growing by leaps and bounds. It was recently confirmed that The Continental, a prequel series, will come exclusively to the … Read more

After criticism, Corina Mestre breaks the silence about Ana de Armas

Veteran Cuban actress Corina Mestre denied this week, in the official program “Chapeando bajito”, that he had expelled from the National School of Art (ENA) the actress Ana de Armas, internationally recognized for her recent work in the film “Blonde”. According to this program, Ana de Armas “left Cuba at the age of 18, several … Read more

1 hour interview with… Ana de Armas: “I went through hell during my story with Ben Affleck”

1 hour interview with… Ana de Armas I went through

Audience : What was the most difficult to interpret, the glamorous and ultra visible Marilyn or the discreet Norma Jeane? Ana de Armas : They are inseparable because it is the same person. Norma Jean is much more present in this film, in my opinion, than the sex symbol she was to become. We all … Read more

This was the queue of Cubans at the cinema to see Ana de Armas in ‘Blonde’!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck break the rules in their

This weekend, the movie ‘Blonde’ premiered in theaters in Havana, where the Cuban actress Ana de Armas plays the emblematic Marilyn Monroe. In images shared by the 14ymedio portal on Facebook, you can see the large number of people queuing to enter Yara, one of the capital’s cinemas where the film directed by Canadian Andrew … Read more

Why Ana de Armas deserves to be nominated for an Oscar for her role as Marilyn Monroe

Why Ana de Armas deserves to be nominated for an

It was one of the most coveted and sought after roles in recent Hollywood and, based on the result, we are not surprised in the least. Blonde, the film adaptation of the life, work, miracles and sins – own and others – of Marilyn Monroe, a role for which actresses like Jessica Chastain or Naomi … Read more

It was not Ana de Armas: The actress who would originally be Marilyn Monroe in Blonde

It was not Ana de Armas The actress who would

Despite the criticism it has received Blonde, many agree that her actress is the best thing about the film. Ana de Armas’s performance as Marilyn Monroe has been filled with applausealthough the film as such It’s been pretty divisive. For this reason, it is difficult to believe that the Cuban actress was not the original … Read more

Blonde (Netflix): here is the foundation and eyeliner used on Ana de Armas for her transformation into Marilyn Monroe

Blonde Netflix here is the foundation and eyeliner used on

In 2011, Michelle Williams took on the role of Marilyn Monroe with the film “My Week My Marilyn”. The whole world then bowed to the performance of the American actress in the skin of the Hollywood icon who died in 1956. Eleven years later, it was the turn of the beautiful Ana de Armas to … Read more

Seven films to discover the journey of Ana de Armas before becoming Marilyn Monroe

Seven films to discover the journey of Ana de Armas

After his shocking recreation of Marilyn Monroe in Blonde -film directed by Andrew Dominik now available on Netflix-, many wondered where he had been Anne of Arms All these years; and the answer is: closer than many believe. This 34-year-old actress, born in Cuba and raised in Spain, participated from her adolescence in numerous films, … Read more