Christina Applegate: 5 things to know about the star of Dead to Me

Christina Applegate 5 things to know about the star of

Christina Applegate, it’s not just the eternal teenager of Married with two children! As the third season of Dead to Me lands on Netflix, we take the opportunity to focus on its main actress. She is the heroine of the series Dead To Me – season 3 of which arrives on Netflix today – but … Read more

Christina Applegate, the actress who conquered the nineties

Christina Applegate the actress who conquered the nineties

The actress, who will turn 50 in November, recently made it public that she suffers from multiple sclerosis. Applegate began acting at age 15 and maintained her star status through the 1980s and 1990s. ++ “Hello, friends. A few months ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It has been a strange journey, “wrote the … Read more

The harsh story of Christina Applegate now affected by sclerosis, who as a teenager stood up Brad Pitt at a gala | People | Entertainment

1630231514 The harsh story of Christina Applegate now affected by sclerosis

Applegate confessed that he must live with a neurodegenerative disease. However, the story of her life seems to have prepared her to be a warrior. August 25, 2021 – 3:10 p.m. Christina Applegate’s life has not been an easy road. The actress was born in Los Angeles, on November 25, 1971, and like many American … Read more

He was a teenage star, planted Brad Pitt and shone on “Friends,” and today he fights for his life: Christina Applegate

1629660037 He was a teenage star planted Brad Pitt and shone

“I grew up on a set. It’s the most comfortable place I can be. I love it. I love the equipment, I love the cameras, the people and the sound engineers and my actors. I just want to be friends with everyone,” says Christina. Applegate Those of us who enjoy it in Dead to me, … Read more

Christina Applegate: suffering from multiple sclerosis, she receives the support of Selma Blair

Christina Applegate suffering from multiple sclerosis she receives the support

On Tuesday August 10, 2021, Christina Applegate revealed on her Twitter account that she has multiple sclerosis. Very quickly, the actress received a wave of support from her fans, but also from Selma Blair. Thirteen years after beating breast cancer, Christina Applegate was revealed to have multiple sclerosis. On her Instagram account, the actress confided: … Read more

Christina Applegate: the fight against sclerosis of the most desired actress of the 90s | Celebrities, Vips | S Fashion EL PAÍS

1628737069 Christina Applegate the fight against sclerosis of the most desired

The actress Christina Applegate chose this past August 10 the showcase of her twitter account, on which nearly a million and a half digital passersby crowd, to publicly communicate that they have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. “It has been a strange journey. But I have received a lot of support from other people I … Read more

Christina Applegate has multiple sclerosis; What is it and what happens to those who suffer from it?

Actress Christina Applegate surprised locals and strangers today after revealing that suffer from multiple sclerosis. It was through his Twitter account that the American celebrity announced that for a few months she was diagnosed with this disease, which has changed her life, however, she assured that she has been supported by many people who also … Read more