‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’: Marvel’s success is banned in China for the appearance of a lesbian couple

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There was a time when China and Marvel were like bread and oil: they went everywhere together. In fact, the American company came to include exclusive scenes for the Asian country in ‘Iron Man 3’ Y much of his box office depended on them. However, at one point along the way, love broke down: if … Read more

Bruce Willis generates great concern for his deteriorated physical appearance after his retirement from the cinema

Bruce Willis, American actor and producer, has generated great concern in his fans due to his aged appearance caused by his disease, aphasia. Demi Moore’s ex-husband who began his career in the 1980s, is known for his work in the “Die Hard” movie saga, where he played officer John McClane in 5 well-remembered installments. The … Read more

Who is Billie Eilish’s boyfriend?: This has been their first appearance together on the red carpet

Who is Billie Eilishs boyfriend This has been their first

The rumors were there. They had been seen walking hand in hand around Los Angeles and having a romantic dinner at Lal Mirch, but it wasn’t until ‘Halloween’ weekend that they confirmed their relationship via Instagram. Billie Eilish is in love and the lucky one is Jesse Rutherford, American singer and actor. The first thing … Read more

The unrecognizable appearance of Edward Furlong, protagonist of “Terminator 2”

The unrecognizable appearance of Edward Furlong protagonist of Terminator 2

“Terminator” star Edward Furlong recently revealed that he has overcome his drug addiction and wants to return to the movies: “People are learning to trust me again” (The Grosby Group) Edward Furlong he was seen in New York City looking very worn. The 45-year-old actor, who became famous for “Terminator 2” alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, was … Read more

Katie Holmes: new cut, piercing and sculptural look, she caused a sensation for her last public appearance

Katie Holmes new cut piercing and sculptural look she caused

This Wednesday, September 14, Katie Holmes caused a stir at the Tom Ford fashion show. In a 100% black outfit, the actress unveiled a new haircut and a nose piercing. Katie Holmes wasn’t on the Fashion Week catwalk, yet all eyes were on her. This Wednesday, September 14, the actress caused a sensation at the … Read more

The terrifying appearance of Carmen Salinas in the place you can’t even imagine

Carmen Salinas haunts her daughter September 20, 2022 5:42 p.m. Carmen Salinas was one of the most important actresses in Mexico, in addition to being loved by thousands and thousands of people, the actress participated in more than 100 films, in addition to dozens of participations in soap operas and not to mention the plays … Read more

Zac Efron’s new appearance sparks controversy and he explains what happened

Zac Efron divided comments for his radical change of image. In the presentation of the tape ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’ Zac Efron was seen very differently compared to past years. Also starring in the movie ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’ are Russell Crowe, Bill Murray and Kyle Allen, to name a few. Zac Efron … Read more

‘The summer program’ shows, for the first time, the images of Shakira after the public appearance of Piqué and his new partner

The summer program shows for the first time the images scaled

During the morning of last Monday, the summer program exclusively issued the first images of Gerard Piqué enjoying a concert with his new partner, Clara Chia. In addition, the footballer’s parents also attended the show. This Tuesday, one day after the broadcast of the videos, the morning of Telecinco has shown the first images of … Read more

“Prey”: the terrifying appearance of the Predator without special effects and during his characterization process

Prey the terrifying appearance of the Predator without special effects

The new version of the remembered movie “Predator” has come to conquer the viewing public. It is “Predator: The Prey” or also known as “Prey”, which brings new adventures of the alien hunter and whose production is set 300 years ago. But mysterious character He has also drawn everyone’s attention for his terrifying appearance. It … Read more