Alicia Silverstone is looking for love in a dating app at 44 years old

Alicia Silverstone is looking for love in a dating app

The Hollywood star Alicia Silverstone, has decided to give Cupid a new chance. This after her media divorce from the musician Christopher Jarecki, with whom she was married for more than a decade. Now the protagonist of the remembered movie “Clueless” spoke openly about her marital status. Also about the reasons that motivated her to … Read more

Star Plus: this movie is the best cult classic on the app; raised 254 times what it cost

Star Plus this movie is the best cult classic on

The film industry in Hollywood had one of its best moments in the late 1990s, as several memorable tapes emerged that were also more easily preserved thanks to technology. The peculiar way of telling stories from that time is something that makes these films true cult classics. “The Full Monty“It is one of the productions … Read more

Watch TUDN for free, Mexico – Brazil LIVE NOW: follow live and for free via mobile app, TV and streaming

Watch TUDN for free Mexico Brazil LIVE NOW follow

Mexico vs Brazil they play in Kashima a final advanced by the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Two Olympic powers of this discipline now decide the classification to the last instance in search of gold. To see the game of football live online you will be able to tune them by the signal of TUDN live … Read more

LIVE and free, Mexico vs El Salvador: SEE HERE the Gold Cup match on TV and mobile app

LIVE and free Mexico vs El Salvador SEE HERE the

Every time there is little left for him Mexico vs The Savior, match for the last date of Group A of the Gold Cup. El Tri will seek the victory to qualify for the quarterfinals as first. La Selecta is undefeated with the tournament, although statistics say that it could never beat its rival in … Read more

Did you just buy a Smart TV ?: make the most of it with these tips

Did you just buy a Smart TV make the

You can answer the doorbell, check the baby monitor and preview your emails with one click, from your couch After years of expensive and disappointing flat panel plasma and bulky CRT TVs, many of us are happy with the simple fact that our smart TVs can be connected to Internet. However, technology has grown to … Read more

Did you watch a series or movie and you liked it ?: Netflix’s new big business to “eat the wallet” of fans

Did you watch a series or movie and you liked

The digital entertainment giant opened a new business vertical to compete against its main rivals. Keys to your strategy The pandemic and isolation policies caused two sectors to grow rapidly, altering the plans (and anticipating the results) of the companies that comprise them. This last item was enhanced with the arrival of new players the … Read more

Mira TV Pública en vivo, Argentina – Colombia: ver por TV, app móvil y en directo el partido de Copa América

Mira TV Publica en vivo Argentina – Colombia ver por

En pocos minutos, Argentina – Colombia se enfrentan vibrante cotejo que decidirá al segundo finalista de la Copa América 2021. El partido de hoy se disputará en el Mané Garrincha de Brasilia y comenzará a las 20:00 horas. Lionel Messi y compañía sueñan con llegar a la última instancia, donde ya espera Brasil. ¿Cómo ver … Read more

Forget about dealing with USB sticks: this app allows you to send content between mobile, TV and PC via Wi-Fi effortlessly

1625247154 Forget about dealing with USB sticks this app allows you

I have to admit that one of the reasons that prompted me to make me in his day with a TV moved by Android TV It is the huge ecosystem of applications to which it offers access to enhance the use of the television. If a functionality is not available we can incorporate it through an app and that’s what EasyJoin Go TV offers, an application to send content between TV and other devices.

EasyJoin Go TV es an application that we can install on the mobile, computer and on the television with the aim of exchanging content easily and simply. You won’t have to play with hard drives or USB drives to send photos, apks, files … since everything goes via Wi-Fi.

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HBO Max: price and subscription plans, how to download the app, catalog of programs and movies

1624924005 HBO Max price and subscription plans how to download the

After months of waiting HBO Max finally reaches Latin America; The launch date is scheduled for this Wednesday, June 29. In this way, the WarnerMedia streaming service is getting ready for a worldwide expansion that will compete with the giants of the industry. MORE INFORMATION: What will happen to my HBO Go subscription if I … Read more

La mejor app de streaming de música (según músicos, productores y DJs) – La Tercera

1623261271 La mejor app de streaming de musica segun musicos productores

Será tarea de antropólogos, sociólogos, filósofos y analistas dar cuenta de cuánto pesará la pandemia —un escenario considerado apocalíptico por pensadores como Zizek o Bifo Berardi— en nuestras conductas y hábitos del futuro. Sin embargo, ya es posible observar algunos cambios —quién sabe si duraderos—, en aspectos tan determinantes para la sociedad occidental como el … Read more