“When I played ‘Cleopatra’ and he played ‘Marco Antonio’ ​​we had a long courtship… I was dating Billy Zane for two years”, recalls Leonor Varela

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

Author: Glamorama Team / September 22, 2022 “It seems that there is something in those two characters that generates magic,” Leonor Varela commented on the American miniseries Cleopatra, in which she starred in 1999. There she played the Egyptian queen and began dating her co-star, American actor Billy Zane, who personified “Marco Antonio”. The 49-year-old … Read more

Marco Antonio Solís and other musicians react to the death of Marciano Cantero

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Martian Stonecutterbassist and vocalist of Enanitos Verdes, passed away on September 8, 2022, being a benchmark of Latin American rock with hits like “La pared verde” and “Lamento Boliviano” he was a musician who left many loved people in the music industry. Friends and family considered Cantero a friendly, humble human being with a great … Read more

Cmo Benito Antonio Martnez se convirti en el multimillonario Bad Bunny

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

El cantante portorriqueo Bad Bunny acaba de hacer historia al convertirse en el primer artista de habla hispana en proclamarse mejor Artista del Ao en los premios MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). Una gesta que el msico recibi en pleno concierto en el Estadio de los Yankees en Nueva York. Porque Benito Antonio Martnez, nombre … Read more

San Antonio: Invited to a concert in tribute to Gustavo Amaro, musician of the band “Cactus Andante”, one year after his departure

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One year after the departure of the outstanding musician Gustavo Amaro, a member of “Cactus Andante”, his friends and family have organized a tribute concert to commemorate the memory of whoever was the band’s bassist. The appointment is on Saturday, September 10 (7:00 p.m.), at the San Antonio Cultural Center. The event will be attended … Read more

With “The Enforcer”, Antonio Banderas shows that he is still an action hero

With The Enforcer Antonio Banderas shows that he is still

A hitman has to sacrifice everything to save a young woman he has befriended. (Screen Media) Movies about hitmen are very successful at the box office and among the public because, sometimes, even though the story doesn’t support the film, the action scenes, explosions and chases keep the viewer glued to the chair. [Más series … Read more

“Official competition”: Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz, Oscar Martínez and the ball of egos

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

Discovered in Venice in 2016 with honorary citizen a black comedy that had won actor Oscar Martinez the best actor award, Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat were back in Competition at the Mostra in September 2021 with Official Competence, a satire on the world of cinema that made the Lido roar with laughter. In their … Read more

What is the reason why Marco Antonio Solís abandoned his daughter Beatriz during her childhood

Marco Antonio Solis He is without a doubt one of the most recognized singers in the Spanish-speaking world. The artist is a singer-songwriter, musician, composer, actor and music producer. The winner of five Latin Grammy awards, he has more than 40 years of experience and has composed countless songs that his fans know and continue … Read more

The dizzying cleavage of Victoria de Marichalar at the Starlite gala: the crazy evening of King Felipe’s niece with Antonio Banderas and Richard Gere

The dizzying cleavage of Victoria de Marichalar at the Starlite

The Gala Starlite Porcelanosa is an annual social event not to be missed in Marbella. Many Spanish personalities and international celebrities attend every year. Victoria de Marichalar, daughter of the Infanta Elena, can never miss an opportunity to shine in society. King Felipe’s niece wore a sequined dress with a double neckline, as dizzying from … Read more

The unusual degree of studies reached by Cristy Solís, wife of Marco Antonio Solís will leave you thinking

The Cuban businesswoman and influencer wife of Marco Antonio Solis, Christy Solis, usually shows his day to day through his Instagram social network account; Thus, she is very close to the attentive gaze of her followers, who reach the not insignificant figure of 294 thousand followers. There are many accounts that she has Christywhich is … Read more

What was the dream that Antonio Aguilar could never fulfill

What was the dream that Antonio Aguilar could never fulfill

Antonio Aguilar became a regional Mexican music singer at the cost of leaving behind all his other professional dreams (Photo: Jalisco Culture Secretariat) Anthony Aguilar jumped into history thanks to the songs he performed and the films in which he participated, as well as for being the head of one of the dynasties in the … Read more