The world in shock over the loss of Marc Anthony

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Marc Anthony beyond music, has an extraordinary automotive fleet that is the envy of social networks, but one acquisition in particular was the great millionaire loss of his life which we show you in this note. Keep reading… October 13, 2022 11:50 a.m. Marc Anthony, one of the greatest exponents of Latin music who, with … Read more

Videos | Marc Anthony starred in a strange movement during a concert in Ecuador, was his nose itching?

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Salsa singer Marc Anthony had a concert in Quito, Ecuador, this Friday, October 7, in which he was accompanied by the Colombian artist Maluma. Reactions to his introduction were quite positive; nevertheless, A video began to go viral that leaves several doubts about a curious action carried out by a salsero born in New York. … Read more

Maluma and Marc Anthony are already in Guayaquil; the Colombian arrived accompanied by his Doberman dog | People | Entertainment

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Tomorrow, Sunday, October 9, the urban singer Maluma will be presented at Alberto Spencer Model Stadium From Guayaquil, along with the sauce Mark Anthony. After Show that the artists offered this Friday in Quito, at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium. “I love you with all my soul”, says Maluma to Marc Anthony, during his concert in … Read more

These are the CONDITIONS that Marc Anthony demands before his CONCERTS

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Among the singers who have had one of the most successful tours of this 2022 is Mark Anthonywho throughout this year has performed with his ‘Vivo Tour’ in the United States, Latin America and even Europe, and currently continues to offer presentations, so now it has been revealed which are the conditions that requires before … Read more

Captain America: Anthony Mackie jokes about a possible return of Chris Evans

Captain America Anthony Mackie jokes about a possible return of

Avengers Endgame marked the end of an era for the MCU. Several characters have bowed out to make way for a new generation of superheroes. This is particularly the case of Steve Rogers (Captain America) who bequeathed his shield to Sam Wilson (the Falcon) at the end of the film. Credit: Marvel Studios After finally … Read more

Anthony Mackie Reveals the One MCU Moment That Makes Him Crack

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

Like most long-term Marvel actors, Anthony Mackie’s Falcon has had its fair share of dramatic moments and plenty of humorous moments. However, as he progresses to take his place as the MCU’s new Captain America, Mackie still has a moment from his time as Falcon that never fails to make him laugh out loud. It’s … Read more

These are the whims of Marc Anthony before his concerts

Mark Anthony is one of the figures plus important of the music Latin. The singer has managed to accumulate a large fortune in his more than 35-year career. with the rhythms caribbeansthe Puerto Rican has added millions of fans from all over the world being one of the artists more acclaimed than album by album … Read more

Anthony Mackie says he’ll ‘beat a lot of A-‘ in ‘Captain America 4’ (EXCLUSIVE) – Noufelle EN

Anthony Mackie says hell beat a lot of A in

It’s been over a year since Marvel fans saw Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) fully embrace his role as Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale. The series ended on a rare peaceful note for the Avenger as he finally accepted his new role. However, evil never rests and the revenge never ends, … Read more

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Academy Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins starred in a wide variety of scary horror films before and after playing the role of Hannibal Lecter. With a record of countless nominations, there’s no denying that Hopkins is one of Hollywood’s most talented actors. The Welsh star is recognized around the world for his milestones in horror, a … Read more