This anime was one of the main inspirations to create Stranger Things

Share Eleven and Lucy have a lot in common, according to the creators of Stranger Things. Since its first broadcast in 2016, Stranger Things has become one of the most popular American science fiction and suspense television series among the audience.. Written and directed by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, it premiered on Netflix and … Read more

‘Spy x Family’ and James Bond: this is how the fun anime series pays tribute to classic spy movies

‘Spy x Family’ It has practically taken the rest of the spring premieres ahead of it and has become the great series of the season. Anime anime has catapulted manga sales and is the star series in japanY a big part of its success is that it has something for everyone.

Because with its perfect blend of family comedy and spy thriller, ‘Spy x Family’ keeps us hooked on the familiar Forger and its secrets and missions, and one of the great characteristics of the story is undoubtedly its taste of classic spy movies.

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They raise funds for the adult manga Maid Kyouiku to have anime and live-action — Kudasai

The author of adult manga “Kyōkucho (きょくちょ)“, who wrote the doujinshi that inspired the popular adult anime Kaede to Suzurevealed on Twitter a project for his doujinshi Maid Kyouiku: Botsuraku Kizoku Rurikawa Tsubaki (Maid Education) have a live-action adaptation starring actress Nagisa Misuki (渚みつき) like the character Kizoku Rurikawa. The fundraising campaign is being carried … Read more

The movie of one of the most controversial anime of all time that you can see on Netflix

The streaming platforms like Netflix, at present, have opted for animes of various genres. Yes ok the shonen is the one that predominates, have also highlighted others such as seinen. These are directed more towards the adult audience, due to the actions and the risqué scenes. There are, for example, “Cowboy Bepop”, “Ergo Proxy”, “hellsing … Read more

After fifteen years, the anime Mononoke will have a movie in 2023 — Kudasai

During a special broadcast it was announced that the original anime Mononoke will have an animated film that will be released in 2023 in Japan. The press release noted that this is an entirely new project, separate from the one issued in 2007, noting only that Kenji Nakamura (C: The Money of Soul and Possibility … Read more

‘Trigun’: Vash will return with a new anime series developed by the ‘Beastars’ studio

The rumors had been sounding all week and they haven’t finished falling on deaf ears. In the end it has turned out that TOHO has not played with our illusions and ‘Trigun’ will have a new anime series which will be released in 2023. No trailer has yet been seen but some details have been confirmed, including its international distribution.

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Los Shinigamis del Norte, the otaku band that is all the rage with anime covers

a band of Mexico has gained popularity in recent months for performing, in his own style, anime songs for otaku youth culture. It is about Los Shinigamis del Norte, whose songs have become viral in the social networks. The Shinigami of the North is a band originally from Monterrey, a city and capital of the … Read more

‘One Piece’: everything we know about Netflix’s live-action series based on the legendary anime

It’s not the first time Netflix dares with live action adaptations of iconic animes. We already had an attempt at the time with his American version of ‘death note‘ and also the ill-fated ‘Cowboy Bebop‘, but without a doubt the platform is trying to hold on to the third time charm and is giving it its all with its series of ‘one piece‘.

The good news for anime fans is that the Eiichiro Oda is heavily involved in the production of this live-action adaptation. The ‘One Piece’ series for Netflix it was confirmed back in january 2020with Oda revealing that a 10-episode first season was in the works.

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Lasting two hours and just released on Netflix, this anime miniseries is an emotional and raw review of vampire mythos

We can expect a good barrage of new anime series and movies in Netflix this year, as the streaming platform appears to have set out to compensate on this front and plans to release 40 titles this year. The trickle of premieres has already been arriving in spring, and this week it has landed on the platform a quirky review of vampire stories.

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The anime Paripi Koumei is being a success inside and outside of Japan — Kudasai

the japanese portal Yahoo! NewsJapan shared a portal article Real Soundwhich highlighted that the anime adaptation of paripi koumei (Ya Boy Kongming!) is having a great success inside and outside of Japan, especially for all the musical references that are included in each of the episodes. «The television animation “Paripi Koumei (Ya Boy Kongming!)”, which … Read more