Kadokawa announces motorsports anime Overtake! —Kudasai

Kadokawa announces motorsports anime Overtake —Kudasai

The editorial kadokawa and animation studios TROYCA announced details about their previously announced original anime, which will be titled Overtake!. The statement revealed production details and the story, but there is no scheduled release date. voice cast Anan Furuya plays Haruka Asahina (left), a Komaki Motors F4 driver who is a quiet high school student. … Read more

Neither Chainsaw Man nor Bocchi the Rock! were nominated for the Anime Awards — Kudasai

1674199378 Neither Chainsaw Man nor Bocchi the Rock were nominated for

This afternoon, the platform crunchyroll announced the nominees for the award Anime Awards, which decorate the different anime productions that were released during the year in question (or something like that). It turns out that one of the categories is called “Anime of the Year“, which is considered the most important award, but many series … Read more

We deserve to be happy: ‘Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon a Time’ is a brilliant finale full of hope for Hideaki Anno’s legendary anime, and from today we can see it in the cinema

1674144837 We deserve to be happy Evangelion 30 10 Thrice

With the pandemic in the middle, ‘Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time‘ was not spared any complications during its production or schedule changes, and it was finally released in Japan in 2021. Of course, the delays came from before, with numerous changes in the script and in the focus of the film… because let’s see, … Read more

Cuántas películas y series de Pokémon hay: del anime y los especiales online a Detective Pikachu

El fenómeno Pokémon es enorme. Colosal. Es más, los videojuegos -como sus spin-offs- son solo una parte de él. Una parte muy importante, claro. En VidaExtra ya hemos hablado del increíble merchandising, del paso de Pikachu por las librerías o del enorme universo en torno al Juego de cartas coleccionables. Ahora nos vamos a meter … Read more

Dragon Ball anime will return with a totally new story, according to rumor

Dragon Ball anime will return with a totally new story

Although this year the anime of dragonball premiered movie, fans are still waiting for the day when the animated series returns, something that might not be so far from happening although with a totally new or different history to what we know, according to a rumour. dragonball anime ended in 2018 with the incredible tournament … Read more

Dragon Ball – The supposed new anime series that would already be underway would not be a sequel to Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball The supposed new anime series that would

How is the world of dragonball! Before we begin, we want to make it clear that everything you are going to read is not confirmed. Toei Animation It has not come out at any time to corroborate the information that the insiders of the series have been publishing in recent months. Will a new anime … Read more

Netflix: series, movies, anime and documentaries arriving in November 2022

Netflix series movies anime and documentaries arriving in November 2022

We enter the final stretch of the year 2022, but there is still a lot of content to see in Netflix. Through social networks, the platform communicated to all its subscribers about the series, movies, documentaries and anime that will be released in this final stretch of the year. Perhaps the most anticipated series is … Read more

These are the best science fiction anime movies — Kudasai

These are the best science fiction anime movies — Kudasai

The popular American media MovieWeb, which compiles news from the world of entertainment and an extensive database of the film industry, published an article with the best science fiction anime movies, which became a trend in commentary forums in Japan. The introduction wrote: «Anime is a perfect medium to bring imaginative science fiction to life. … Read more