“I am a very sexual person and I love sex with men”: This is what Ángelo García looks like after his transformation and more than 30 years of being a former Menudo | People | Entertainment

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the youth gang Slight It was all the rage among millions of teenagers in the 1980s and 1990s.. But, after leaving the stage, a dark world hid the fame and the show directed by the Puerto Rican Edgardo Díaz and other collaborators. In those rows, the voice of Ángelo García revealed the sexual abuse he … Read more

Ángelo García claims to have been sexually abused on several occasions during his stay at Menudo

Angelo Garcia claims to have been sexually abused on several

Angelo Garcia. Photo: Jason Mendez for Tribeca Film Festival/Getty Images Former members of Ricky Martin’s former boyband, Slighthave revealed the horrific abuse they say their manager subjected them to, claiming they were given illegal substances, exposed to “predators” and “abused” of them numerous times. Menudo was formed in Miami, Florida by Edgardo Díaz in 1977 … Read more