Why Andy Serkis agreed to participate in “Andor”, the Disney Plus series

Why Andy Serkis agreed to participate in Andor the Disney

The tenth episode of “Andor”, series available in Disney Plus, has presented a surprise for its hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide. It is about the presence of the actor Andy Serkinwho plays Kino Loy. Serkins already knows what it is to be inside the world of “starwars”, since he previously played the character of … Read more

Steven Spielberg fell in love with Diego Luna before ‘Andor’ and sent him a letter

Steven Spielberg fell in love with Diego Luna before Andor

Diego Luna is one of the most recognized Mexicans in Hollywood and long before starring in ‘Andor’ he had already achieved international fame, obtaining several fans along the way and one of them is Steven Spielberg. This has been a great year for Mexicans in Hollywood, we recently saw Gael García star in werewolf at … Read more

Andor Showcases Andy Serkis’ Raw Acting Talent Without VFX – CNET – ApparelGeek

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Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Andor Episodes 1-9.Of Stellan Skarsgard at Catherine Hunter, Andor introduced a number of recognizable players into the star wars universe. At the same time, it also welcomed some familiar faces, such as Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma, Whitaker Forest like Saw Gerrera, and diego moon like the eponymous … Read more

Andor 1×09 review: They don’t listen to us! – A dark future for Cassian and the rest of the galaxy

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We have here a new galactic Wednesday in Disney+. You already have available on the streaming platform of the house of the mouse the ninth episode of Andor, the new series of starwars who has been with us since the end of September. The series continues to explore slowly the previous years of the character … Read more

The origin of Snoke or double paper? Andy Serkis reappears in ‘Star Wars’ via ‘Andor’

The origin of Snoke or double paper Andy Serkis reappears

Still resonates the stupor of fandom when he witnessed, in a scene from the last jedi that wasn’t even the climax, the death of Supreme Leader Snoke. Kyloren (Adam Driver) betrayed his master with the idea of ​​assuming command of the First Order and, if possible, that Rey (daisy ridley) joined her, and she wore … Read more

Disney+ premieres in November 2022: 18 series, movies and documentaries such as ‘Willow’, the end of ‘Andor’ or ‘Disenchanted: Giselle Returns’

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There is still more than a week to say goodbye to October, but in Disney+ they did not want more to announce the main premieres November 2022. And I say main because the platform is getting used to reserving many titles to announce them later. For now there are 18 titles that we already know. … Read more

What to see on Amazon Prime Video: the creator of ‘Andor’ makes a fascinating and complex conspiracy thriller starring George Clooney

What to see on Amazon Prime Video the creator of

The name of Tony Gilroy is getting pedigree back after having a notorious stumble in handling the Bourne saga, especially with its failed half-spin-off ‘The Bourne Legacy‘. She’s got it back through starwarssaving from disaster a ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story‘ and with its serial continuation ‘Andor‘, where his commitment to adult airs and … Read more

Andor, the new Star Wars series: what time does it premiere on Disney +

Andor the new Star Wars series what time does it

There is less to go. That great global audience that is still magnetized to that great carrot global summed up in two words, starwarscount the hours, minutes and seconds to see, finally, the premiere of the series Andoron the Disney+ platform. Although much of the plot remains a mystery, it has been confirmed that Andordirected … Read more

“We plan this as four films,” Diego Luna told Infobae for the premiere of “Andor”

We plan this as four films Diego Luna told Infobae scaled

Diego Luna returns to Cassian Andor to recount the beginning of the character in the rebellion. Subscribe to Disney+, click here His career was good enough without going into starwars to be popular or known in much of the world. He was constantly working in Hollywood and in the Mexican audiovisual industry, but the offer … Read more

Andor: A gritty, risky take on Star Wars folklore, through an engaging anti-hero

Andor (United States/2022). Creator: Tony Gilroy. Cast: Diego Luna, Kyle Soller, Adria Arjona, Stellan Skarsgard, Fiona Shaw. Available in: Disney+. Our opinion: very good. The universe starwars he does not finish deciding, and as if caught in an untenable contradiction, he shows two faces. On the one hand, the last trilogy was revealed as a … Read more