Festivales: Crítica de “Asteroid City”, de Wes Anderson, con Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson y Tom Hanks (Competencia Oficial) – #Cannes2023

Festivales Critica de Asteroid City de Wes Anderson con Jason

Por Diego Batlle, desde Cannes calificacion Publicada el 23-05-2023 Por Diego Batlle, desde CannesEl brillante director de Buscando el crimen, Tres son multitud, Los excéntricos Tenenbaum, Vida acuática, Viaje a Darjeeling, El fantástico señor Fox, Moonrise Kingdom: Un reino bajo la Luna, Gran Hotel Budapest, Isla de perros y La crónica francesa regresó a Cannes con … Read more

What unites Orson Welles, Cantinflas and Wes Anderson? Chinchón, a city-set on the outskirts of Madrid

What unites Orson Welles Cantinflas and Wes Anderson Chinchon a

45 km from the center of Madrid, 1 hour by car, is Chinchón. It is a small but charming town; It has a very large square, 17th-century buildings, an anise with a denomination of origin – Chinchón – that reaches 74° alcohol content, as well as “a church without a tower, and a tower without … Read more

The truth about Pamela Anderson told by herself in her long-awaited documentary for Netflix

1674841537 The truth about Pamela Anderson told by herself in her

Pamela Anderson defined a decade. She will now define herself. “Pamela, a love story” opens on January 31. (Netflix) Pamela Anderson: A Love Story is an upcoming Netflix documentary that will delve into the life and career of the well-remembered Canadian-American actress. The launch of the production will take place in parallel with the publication … Read more

Bryan Cranston states that working with Wes Anderson “isn’t easy”.

Bryan Cranston states that working with Wes Anderson isnt easy

In a new interview with the magazine “Collider“, the actor Bryan Cranston said it’s “not easy” working with director Wes Anderson The actor, who had already worked with the director on “Isle of Dogs”will star in Anderson’s new film,“Asteroid City”in which they will also participate Margot Robbie, Tom Hanks, Scarlet Johansson, Maya Hawke, Steve Carell, … Read more

Bill Murray is not in the latest Wes Anderson movie because of COVID-19

Bill Murray is not in the latest Wes Anderson movie

With the exception of Bottle Rocketdebut of wes anderson, Bill Murray He has been present in all the films of the Texan filmmaker. Rushmore Academy thus marked the beginning of a very fruitful collaboration, beyond how brief Murray’s roles might be, or the fact that on occasions (because it was an animated film Fantastic Mr. … Read more

First details of Asteroid City, the next film by Wes Anderson with Tom Hanks and Margot Robbie

First details of Asteroid City the next film by Wes

// By: Carlos Miguel Rosales Wed 20 July, 2022 Asteroid City is the next film by filmmaker Wes Anderson and through Variety magazine the first details of the plot and its distribution were released. The film will be distributed by Focus Features (a Universal Pictures company), the production company Anderson last worked with in 2012 … Read more

David Hasselhoff: su inesperado rol en la caída del Muro de Berlín, los celos con Pamela Anderson, por qué rechazó a DiCaprio en Baywatch

David Hasselhoff su inesperado rol en la caida del Muro

David Michael Hasselhoff nació el 17 de julio de 1952 A principios de los 90 había un hombre que podía jactarse de ser conocido por todo el mundo sin alardear ni exagerar. Es que para esa época una serie batía récords y récords de audiencia: Baywatch. Su protagonista era un señor alto y pintón, no … Read more

Gillian Anderson would debut in Marvel within the X-Men saga

Viola Davis in talks with HBO Max for an Amanda

Marvel Gillian Anderson is recognized for her role in The X-Files and her roles in The Crown and Sex Education which makes her a great addition to the MCU. By Ezequiel Torres Policastro 06/29/2022 – 19:55 UTC 06/29/2022 – 19:55 UTC © GettyGillian Anderson By Ezequiel Torres Policastro Gillian Anderson is an essential part of … Read more

Gillian Anderson without artifice: the actress drops the makeup and shines

Gillian Anderson without artifice the actress drops the makeup and

On Instagram, Gillian Anderson has just published a selfie on which she appears without makeup. Totally natural, the actress totally charms her loyal subscribers who salute her beauty… The more time passes, the more Gillian Anderson appears radiant. Indeed, thehe actress born on August 9, 1968 seems to be getting younger despite the passing years. … Read more

Nicolas Cage, Pamela Anderson and other celebrities who went bankrupt after being the highest paid in Hollywood

Nicolas Cage Pamela Anderson and other celebrities who went bankrupt

It is well known that money is not everything in life, but for some celebrities, it was, since they ended up with the last penny they had, in order to acquire even the unattainable. Well they say ‘that money’ isn’t everything, but for celebrities like, Pamela Anderson, Nicolas Cage or Stephen Baldwin Yes it was. … Read more