New clash between Queen Letizia and Doña Sofía? We analyze if there is a new pull of the arm to Princess Leonor

New clash between Queen Letizia and Dona Sofia We analyze

The cordiality and the pink toness and lilacs have been the protagonists of the office photoial of the Confirmation of Infanta Sofía. A day that his maternal grandparents and Queen Emeritus Doña Sofía did not want to miss. However, for many, the day in which the little one in the house confirmed her faith in … Read more

Belinda through her albums: analyze ‘Belinda’, ‘Utopía’, ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘Catarsis’

Belinda through her albums analyze Belinda Utopia Carpe Diem and

As a good teenager, I spent the first decade of the 2000s listening to Belinda in loop. The Mexican of Spanish descent put a soundtrack to that bittersweet part of life with songs like I am sorry, Beautiful betrayal, I will wait for you and other hits from his long recording career. As you will … Read more

They analyze denouncing the musician of Los Nocheros, Mario Teruel, for false testimony

They analyze denouncing the musician of Los Nocheros Mario Teruel

Mario Teruel, musician from Los Nocheros The first days of the trial for two rape cases against Marco Lautaro Teruel -one of them against a 10-year-old girl- they were intense. A swoon, high-impact revelations, and even explosive statements, like his father’s Mario, musician of the group Los Nocheros, who in front of the Salta court … Read more