The analysis of Boca’s penalty kick victory over Racing

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Analysis: Which Ads Won and Which Ads Lost in the Super Bowl?

Analysis Which Ads Won and Which Ads Lost in the

What was missing from the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show? 6:15 (CNN) — The Super Bowl is the biggest stage on television in the United States for commercials: it offers the maximum return for advertisers’ money and attracts celebrities of equal stature. Yet many of this year’s commercials seemed to recruit celebrities — or gangs … Read more

Watchmen of the Night: Infinite Train: Analysis of the movie on Blu-Ray

1642648003 Watchmen of the Night Infinite Train Analysis of the movie

We analyze in Cinemascomics the Blu-Ray of the film Night Watch: Infinity Train (Kimetsu no Yaiba), the highest grossing anime film in Spain. In Cinemascomics we have analyzed the home edition of the Blu-Ray of the film of the Japanese animated series Night Watch (Kimetsu no Yaiba), titled Infinity Train, in an amaray boxed edition, … Read more

The Witcher (The series) Season 2, analysis and opinions of the game for Multi | 3D Games Reviews

The Witcher The series Season 2 analysis and opinions of

As an absolute fan of Sapkowski’s work, I found the first season of The Witcher somewhat bittersweet. Despite the enormous work in which to search for actors and shape the universe, the constant time jumps made it extremely difficult to follow the plot. And if it was difficult for someone who had read the books, … Read more

ANALYSIS | Best and worst of James Bond now that “No Time to Die” marks Daniel Craig’s departure from 007’s character – KESQ

ANALYSIS Best and worst of James Bond now that

Alexandra Ferguson (CNN) – Some 007 math: 60 years, 25 movies (with a little asterisk) and six James Bond. For a Cold War creation, Ian Fleming’s nice spy has certainly turned around, but despite the different countenances in the tux and the occasional scuba gear, when it comes to making a Bond ranking, he really … Read more

Analysis of The Witcher The Wolf’s Nightmare for Multi in 3D Games

Analysis of The Witcher The Wolfs Nightmare for Multi in

We have already seen the new movie of The Wolf’s Nightmare, a prequel that seeks to get closer to the character of Vesemir, Geralt of Rivia’s teacher, while we discover the conflicts that have always divided men and witches. While Netflix warms up engines for the second season of the witcher, The Nightmare of the … Read more

Analysis of Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild for Multi in 3D Games

Analysis of Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild for Multi

We just finished Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and Netflix already has another film adaptation of a Capcom game series. This is Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild, and although fans have been tracking it for a long time, sadly the project falls on deaf ears because it does not hit any of its possible objectives. … Read more

Brand analysis: Bruce Willis clicks with 99% of Mexicans on Twitter

1628039457 Brand analysis Bruce Willis clicks with 99 of Mexicans on

According to the map of relevant topics, the conversation focused on the expectation generated by Tecate to make known who would be the guardian of the brewery’s flavor. Among the concepts most commented by the followers of the advertisement was Bruce Willis, the image of the campaign, as well as the concept ‘flavor’ in reference … Read more

Analysis of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a series that fails to infect at all

Analysis of Resident Evil Infinite Darkness a series that fails

The new Resident Evil animated series follows in the footsteps of the previous films and places Leon and Claire in the world that would come after Resident Evil 4. Although the Cinematic repercussions of the Resident Evil universe have always become more popular around the Milla Jovovich movies, the truth is that the franchise already … Read more