What nobody saw in Anahí’s meeting with Karol G that has shaken the world

What nobody saw in Anahis meeting with Karol G that

Anahí was invited by Karol G to a concert in Mexico City. (Jiame Nogales/Media and Media/Getty Images) The meeting between Karol G and Anahí represented the union of two worlds. Or the best of both worlds, to be more precise. The Colombian singer appeared before 40,000 people at the Mexico City Arena and gave her … Read more

The reason why Anahí’s return to the stage is speculated, along with Karol G

The reason why Anahis return to the stage is speculated

Karol G could be the one to make Anahí return to the stage (Photos: screenshots / Instagram) After Carol G surprised his fans in February by singing songs by RBDhis audience speculates that the night of this June 11 could go on stage at the Arena Ciudad de México accompanied by one of the protagonists … Read more