Anahí reveals the great professional advice that Juan Gabriel gave her before he died

Anahi reveals the great professional advice that Juan Gabriel gave

The artist is happy that the song she recorded with Juan Gabriel is finally out on the market (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage). They say “never be late if happiness is good”. This proverb fits Anahí like a glove, who until not long ago thought that the duet he had recorded with Juan Gabriel shortly before … Read more

Dulce María clarified if she has a rivalry with Anahí for her tributes to RBD: ‘Roberta’ spoke about it

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In the first days of last July an inadvertent controversy between Dulce María and Anahí: Both former members of RBD offered concerts in which they sang some of the hits of the musical group to which they belonged. However, they did it separately: the first one, as part of the 2000 Pop Tour concerts, and … Read more

Andrés García aired the support that Anahí has ​​offered him and she replied: “Never forget who has been good to you”

Andres Garcia aired the support that Anahi has ​​offered him

RBD Andrés García worked together on a Televisa soap opera (Photos: Instagram/@andresgarciatvoficial/@anahí) After announcing that I felt his end very close and shared his health problems that have even kept him in bed and under medical supervision on more than one occasion, Andres Garcia has made public the lack of support that celebrities like Luis … Read more

Video: Bad Bunny surprised by singing “Sálvame” by RBD and Anahí reacted

Video Bad Bunny surprised by singing Salvame by RBD and

“You do know”: This is how Anahí reacted to the video of Bad Bunny singing “Sálvame” by RBD. EFE/Eric Rojas Photo: /Eric Rojas/EFE – Eric Rojas International artists continue to show their love for classic television series and groups that marked more than a generation and that, to this day, continue to be a trend … Read more

Bad Bunny went viral for singing ‘Sálvame’ by RBD and this is how Anahí reacted

Bad Bunny went viral for singing Salvame by RBD and

The singer Bad Bunny perplexed his followers after singing one of the RBD classics. Photo: Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images The singer bad bunny This weekend it became a trend on the various platforms after I recorded a video where appears singing ‘Save me’ musical theme performed by the group RBD. The musical theme that the interpreter … Read more

This was the gift that Karol G gave Anahí after having her as a guest at her concert

This was the gift that Karol G gave Anahi after

(Photo: Screenshot) On his concert tour with his ‘Bichota Tour Reloaded’, Carol G he has had multiple guests at each of his shows. In Colombia, for example, for the two musical presentations that she made in Bogotá, she made her audience scream with emotion by present -in a surprise way- Andrés Cepeda on his stage … Read more

Karol G and Anahí: the funniest memes left by the concert in Mexico

Last Saturday, June 11, a new edition of the ‘Bichota Tour’ was held, the concert tour of the paisa singer Karol G, and which took place in one of the most important stages of the Aztec territory: in the Arena of Mexico City. (Keep reading: Karol G and Anahí sing ‘Sálvame’, by RBD, in concert … Read more

Karol G and Anahí sing ‘Sálvame’, by RBD, in concert in Mexico: video

Already several fans of Carol G had been speculating about the possible participation of Anahí, remembered for her role in ‘Rebelde’, in one of the Colombian’s concerts. This June 11, Both surprised their followers at the Mexico City Arena. This presentation would mark the return of the Mexican to the stage. The interpreters gave some … Read more

Anahí returns to the stage to sing ‘Sálvame’ with Karol G

Anahi returns to the stage to sing Salvame with Karol

Anahí credit:Bang Showbiz After long months touring the world, Colombian singer Karol G concluded the ‘Bichota Tour Reloaded’ tour in Mexico with a great presentation at the Arena Ciudad de México, where in addition to delighting all her fans with the interpretation of her greatest hits He had a very special guest. “Three years have … Read more

Doris Anahi writes a love letter to LA before her debut in LALIFF

Chicano singer-songwriter from Southern California, Doris Anahi, today releases a video and audio version of “It Wasn’t You”, through the Casa Mija / Altafonte label. This bilingual song is the second single of her career, and is part of her next EP. “It Wasn’t You” is a love letter dedicated to her hometown, Los Angeles, … Read more