Tom Cruise sigue de moda a los 61 años: con esta película inspiró a Christian Bale para interpretar a un asesino en ‘American Psycho’

1713449578 Tom Cruise sigue de moda a los 61 anos con

Vale que Tom Cruise es una superestrella mundial con una gran cantidad de películas de acción en su haber. No se puede exagerar el impacto del actor en Hollywood, como tampoco se puede cuantificar su contribución a la industria cinematográfica. Y claro, como era de esperar, Cruise también ha servido de inspiración a innumerables artistas, … Read more

How to watch ‘American Fiction’ — stream the Oscar-winning Jeffrey Wright movie online

How to watch American Fiction — stream the Oscar winning Jeffrey

A razor-sharp comedy that will drive you to laughter, embarrassment and exasperation, “American Fiction” follows Thelonious “Monk” Ellison (Jeffrey Wright), a writer whose career has stalled to a standstill because his novels aren’t “Black” enough. Out of spite, he pens an overblown parody of a “Black” novel — and to his boundless horror it’s an … Read more

‘American Dreamer’ Review: Shirley MacLaine and Peter Dinklage Are a Perfect Pair

American Dreamer Review Shirley MacLaine and Peter Dinklage Are a

Shirley MacLaine and Peter Dinklage star in American Dreamer, an unconventional comedy with understated jokes and sudden plot twists that keep you on your toes. Courtesy of Vertical Entertainment It’s always a treat to welcome the fiery, versatile and almost always surprising Shirley MacLaine back to the screen, although now, in happy retirement at age … Read more

Watch the First Official Trailer for Kevin Costner’s Movie, ‘Horizon: An American Saga’

Watch the First Official Trailer for Kevin Costners Movie Horizon

We’d like to start this piece off by saying thank you to Kevin Costner for not failing us! We were extremely nervous when it was announced that he was leaving Yellowstone. However, the actor pulled through when he revealed that the project he was working on was finally coming into fruition. We’re referring to his … Read more

Mindy Kaling Set to Dunk in Sports Arena With Netflix Series Starring Kate Hudson – American Kahani

Mindy Kaling Set to Dunk in Sports Arena With

Mindy Kaling has cast Brenda Song, Scott MacArthur, and Drew Tarver for her yet-untitled series for Netflix. The comedy, set in the world of pro basketball, with Kate Hudson as the lead, received a 10-episode order at the streaming platform, according to a Netflix press release.  The story revolves around Isla Gordon (Hudson), who takes … Read more

“American Fiction” va a pasar desapercibida en el Oscar, pero es una de las grandes comedias del año

American Fiction va a pasar desapercibida en el Oscar pero

La temporada de premios, en especial la entrega del Oscar, es la excusa ideal para que a la cartelera peruana lleguen títulos que usualmente estarían relegados a festivales o salas muy puntuales. Este febrero, por ejemplo, el público que va al cine puede elegir entre una variada propuesta que va desde “Pobres criaturas”, “Anatomía de … Read more

American Fiction review – a satirical take on novel writing with Jeffrey Wright

American Fiction review – a satirical take on novel writing

All this coincides with Monk awkwardly reconnecting with his Boston roots, checking in on his ageing mother and trying to build bridges with the younger siblings he basically abandoned. But an unexpected change in family circumstances means he finds himself with urgent cashflow problems. That financially lavish book contract starts to look not just tempting … Read more

Charles Bronson: American Samurai

Charles Bronson American Samurai

His popularity in the 1970s was unparalleled, even while competing at the box office with the decade’s Blaxploitation films. When the other action film stars faded or died off and a new crop of stars emerged, such as Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone, there was still Bronson. Older and more wizened, Bronson holds … Read more

Un embarazo infernal, acosadores y la carrera al Oscar: así es ‘American Horror Story: Delicate’, con Kim Kardashian y Emma Roberts

Un embarazo infernal acosadores y la carrera al Oscar asi

‘American Horror Story’ ha llegado a su temporada número doce, convertida en una de las series más veteranas de la televisión norteamericana y habiendo atravesado durante estos años un camino un tanto irregular. Con temporadas magistrales a sus espaldas y otras más que olvidables, siempre que aparece una nueva entrega en nuestro televisor (ahora su … Read more

Jeffrey Wright (‘American Fiction’) vs. Greta Lee (‘Past Lives’) in close Gotham Awards race for Best Lead Performance

Jeffrey Wright ‘American Fiction vs Greta Lee ‘Past Lives in

Jeffrey Wright (“American Fiction”) and Greta Lee (“Past Lives”) are neck-and-neck in the Gotham Awards race for Best Lead Performance. That’s according to the combined predictions of Gold Derby users who have placed their bets here in our predictions center. Make or update your own predictions before the awards are handed out on November 27. … Read more