‘Fanatic’, crude portrait of a youth halfway between ambition and apathy

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

It was not necessary to have gone a few weeks ago to the Rosalía concert in Madrid to know much of what happened there, how something happened before with that of C. Tangana. The images of their performances followed one another in infinite reels, stories and other ephemeral tools of social networks. To the point … Read more

From unbeliever to millionaire: how Margot Robbie’s self-confessed ambition has made her the year’s highest-paid actress

From unbeliever to millionaire how Margot Robbies self confessed ambition has

For Margot Robbie there is no better motivation than disbelief. As disbelieving as ambitious, the Australian interpreter could not believe her eyes when she saw herself for the first time in New York’s Times Square in front of a giant advertisement in which she appeared as part of the Serie Pan Am. “I still have … Read more

Without limits: the fabulous journey of Ferdinand Magellan and Juan Sebastián Elcano, narrated with ambition and a great visual display

Without limits the fabulous journey of Ferdinand Magellan and Juan

Unlimited (Spain/2022). Address: Simon West. Creator and showrunner: Miguel Menendez de Zubillaga. Script: Patxi Amezcua. Photography: Shelley Johnson. Music: Federico Jusid. Edition: Andrew MacRitchie. Cast: Rodrigo Santoro, Alvaro Morte, Carlos Cuevas, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Bárbara Goenaga, Pepón Nieto, Niccoló Senni. Available in: Amazon Prime Video. Our opinion: good. It’s worth the production effort. And not much … Read more

Battle for Madonna’s ‘biopic’: seven actresses and two singers fight to be ‘the blonde ambition’

Battle for Madonnas biopic seven actresses and two singers fight

Up to 11 hours of rehearsals, image changes and months and months of auditions with singing and dancing tests. Madonna has spent almost two years searching for her perfect alter ego on the big screen. The protagonist of biopic -which is rumored to be called ‘Live To Tell’like her famous ballad from 1986- is the … Read more

‘The Matrix Resurrections’, a lot of ambition with too many mistakes

1640110380 The Matrix Resurrections a lot of ambition with too many

From its first scenes, The Matrix Resurrections by Lana Wachowski makes it clear that time has passed. Not only in the history that is about to tell, but in the validity of its symbolism. The film picks up the radiant and deceptively innocent glow of the latest footage from Matrix: Revolutions and uses them to … Read more

Lady Gaga’s ambition knows no bounds in the new Gucci House trailer

Lady Gagas ambition knows no bounds in the new Gucci

Lady Gaga transforms into an ex-wife eager for money and ambition in the new trailer for The Gucci House, the second film that Ridley Scott releases this year after The last duel. A film about one of the most controversial and well-known crimes in the world of fashion and which will hit theaters on December … Read more

Netflix: THIS is the most CARDIAC movie that will make you reflect on ambition at work | TRAILER

Netflix THIS is the most CARDIAC movie that will make

In recent weeks, people often wonder more about new trends or topics of interest, such as certain genres of cinema or series that are hosted on Netflix. In this sense, people wonder what they can see on the streaming giant, Netflix, where you can find a wide variety of films of various themes and genres. … Read more