Premieres (November 16): 70 series, movies and documentaries on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, Disney+, Filmin, Movistar Plus+ and Apple TV+

1656492844 Premieres June 29 156 series movies and documentaries on

We passed the november equator and it can already be seen, judging by the premieres, that we are entering the Christmas season. In fact, there are some other ideal proposals for the dates within this week’s streaming premieres. On this occasion we have about 69 series, movies and documentaries that arrive from today to Netflix, … Read more

It is one of the best and most emotional comedies of recent years: you have only a few days to see Pete Davidson’s most important film on Amazon Prime Video

It is one of the best and most emotional comedies

Grief is not a simple experience or one that we all experience in the same way. The loss of someone fundamental can shake the entire foundation of a person, especially if it is at a very young age, and it can take a long time to rebuild them. Some may have their entire youth turned … Read more

I’ve been using the new Amazon Music for a week: I think Spotify has reason to worry

Ive been using the new Amazon Music for a week

A few days ago Amazon did a unique advertisement: Amazon Prime subscribers could now enjoy the full catalog of Amazon Music. Nothing less than 100 million songs ad-free. The ad seemed great until you saw the limitations of the new service, which basically makes the user have to sacrifice control of reproduction to gain catalogue. … Read more

Alexa costs too much? Amazon launches an audit around the assistant

Alexa costs too much Amazon launches an audit around the

The latest financial results from major Big Tech companies, such as Google and Amazon, illustrate the headwinds the sector has been facing for many weeks. Inflation, the rise in key rates by central banks, in particular the Fed, the sharp rise in energy costs, particularly in Europe… all seem to be contributing to a sharp … Read more

Amazon Prime will offer podcasts without ads – Music Industry

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When Amazon announced the addition of 100 million songs to the audio content that comes free with Amazon Prime membershipit was no surprise that podcasts were part of the expanded offering. And the offer of podcasts on Amazon comes with the added value that they can be listened to without advertising. The company beefed up … Read more

Lali Espósito premieres the series ‘The End of Love’ on Amazon Prime Video

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

Madrid — It is impossible to ask Lali Esposito let her define herself, because she wants to do it all. And she does it well. Also read: The new season of Mujeres Asesinas is now available on ViX + In the middle of the tour of his most recent album, PoundEsposito also premiered this Friday … Read more

It is one of David Lynch’s most enigmatic works: it was chosen as the best film of the 21st century and you can now see it on Amazon Prime Video

It is one of David Lynchs most enigmatic works it

After being successfully re-released in theaters, along with other iconic films by its director, Mulholland Drive arrives at Amazon Prime Video, one of David Lynch’s most enigmatic films. Also available in filmin. “This is the girl” What was once thought of as a possible sequel of ‘Twin Peaks’ and then a scrapped pilot for a … Read more

It’s a great thriller and hardly anyone saw it in theaters: a fast-paced film from the director of the long-awaited ‘Red Queen’ arrives on Amazon Prime Video

Its a great thriller with one of Jessica Chastains best

There are not a few films that go unnoticed in theaters. Some later find a second life and others quickly fall into oblivion. Let’s hope it’s the first thing that happens now with ’70 Binladens’since this stupendous thriller directed by Koldo Serra just arrived in the catalog Amazon Prime Video. Why is it worth rescuing? … Read more