For allowing a concert by a Russian choir, the Ukrainian embassy in Mexico launched itself against the Ministry of Culture

For allowing a concert by a Russian choir the Ukrainian

The Embassy of Ukraine in Mexico condemned the permission granted by the Ministry of Culture to a Russian choir for a presentation at Cenart (PHOTO: ANDREA MURCIA / CUARTOSCURO.COM) Almost nine months have passed since Russian Army troops, commanded and led by Vladimir Putin, started a warlike conflict on Ukrainian territory. “Put your complaint wherever … Read more

Anthony Hopkins’ new film is auctioned as NFT, allowing buyers to create their own version of the film

Anthony Hopkins new film is auctioned as NFT allowing buyers

a collage digital acquired for 59 million euros. A tweet worth 2.4 million. There are also illustrations, stickers and more recent examples of works online that are being sold as tokens non-expendable (NFT), a technology that certifies that a digital file is authentic and unique. This time, it was the turn of a feature film. … Read more

Lollapalooza returns: the biggest festival of the pandemic begins amid rising cases and allowing entry of unvaccinated – La Tercera

1627502255 Lollapalooza returns the biggest festival of the pandemic begins amid

For many, this is the litmus test for the return of music festivals in the Covid-19 era. The definitive milestone that will show the way and test the concert industry’s ability to seriously reactivate itself and return to a certain normality after a year and a half of paralysis as a result of the pandemic. … Read more