Gaby Moreno offered a night of allegory, boleros, love, nostalgia and hope (Omara Portuondo, Leonel García and the new songs) – Prensa Libre

Gaby Moreno offered a night of allegory boleros love nostalgia

Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno performed on Friday May 13 at The Westin Camino Real Hotel and for two hours he delighted the audience with songs from his recent record production, his hits and his favorite tickets. Gaby Moreno wasted talent and performed several of his hits. (Free Press Photo: Keneth Cruz) With the concept “Allegory … Read more

The allegory that the Matrix hides, revealed by one of its creators

The allegory that the Matrix hides revealed by one of

The Matrix saga definitely marked an era. The story of Neo, Trinity and Morpheus, the famous scene of the choice between the red and blue pills and Keanu Reeves dodging bullets were marked in the memory of an entire generation. And that was further exacerbated with the latest installment of it, Matrix Resurrectionswhich once again … Read more