Alex Caniggia had surgery on his jaw and showed his impressive physical change: “What a look! It fit you, Brad Pitt”

Alex Caniggia had surgery on his jaw and showed his.webp

After winning the final of The Hotel of the Famous and of go on a trip to Europe with his beloved Melody Luz, alex caniggia She decided that it was time to get an aesthetic touch-up and give her face a “new look”. and what was done Alex? A mandibular marking, an intervention that, without … Read more

‘The fourth passenger’: Álex de la Iglesia sets off the shared car time bomb

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

Two years after the broadcast of the wonderful first season of 30 coins, just six months after the premiere in cinemas of the discreet Venicephrenia, already a few months after the landing in 2023 of the second season of the series on Catholicism, evil and the chronicles of a people (30 coins), Álex de la … Read more

Alex Turner responds to Matty Healy after saying that The 1975 is the band of the decade

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

Alex Turner responded to Matty Healy’s comments after the British musician made a curious comparison between his bands. And it is that the artist pointed out that if Arctic Monkeys were the band of the last decade, then The 1975 is the band of the new decade. Furthermore, he noted that they they are more … Read more

Alex Rodriguez on Jennifer Lopez: “It was a good experience…that’s all”. Is A-Rod a potential husband? – Media Patrollers

Alex Rodriguez on Jennifer Lopez It was a good

Alex Rodriguez confided in Jennifer Lopez and of the time they spent together, when he developed his A-Rod persona, he also spoke of the time he was caught in the act of using drugs. performance-enhancing drugsas well as the celebrity that accompanies the signing of a $200 million contract when he was only 24 years … Read more

Beach House’s Alex Scally: ‘There’s no other band that sounds like us’

Beach Houses Alex Scally Theres no other band that sounds

“Even though we were, and are, very different people, with very different brains, I think the way we think about music, and everything to do with music, is identical. If we’ve been able to stay together for so long, it’s because we didn’t reach different end points in our creativity,” he says. alex scallymulti-instrumentalist and … Read more

Alex Lehmann talks about Meet Cute and the making of Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson | Pretty Reel

Alex Lehmann talks about Meet Cute and the making of

Sheila (Kaley Cuoco) has a time machine. She is in love with Gary (Pete Davidson), who has fallen in love with her over and over again as each night she strikes up a conversation with him at a bar. He’s the perfect man, almost. Sheila wants more from him, which leads her to use the … Read more

Vibrant trailer for ‘The Fourth Passenger’: Álex de la Iglesia steps on the accelerator in a black action comedy about the dangers of BlaBlaCar

Vibrant trailer for The Fourth Passenger Alex de la Iglesia

the fourth passenger‘, movie directed by Alex de la Iglesia, today unveiled its vibrant official trailer and poster, heralding a black comedy full of wild tangles at full speed. Premieres exclusively in theaters on September 28.

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The nostalgic look at Álex Ubago’s music at the Dial Awards – Cadena Dial

The nostalgic look at Alex Ubagos music at the Dial

Filed in: alex ubago • Blowing out 20 candles is synonymous with adolescence in most cases, but in the music industry it usually translates into maturity. And it is not something available to everyone. Of all this you can give good faith Alex Ubago that after an overwhelming start in his career he has continued … Read more

Alex Kapranos, singer of the band Franz Ferdinand; nostalgic when verifying that his songs are already in the popular domain

“For me they are a way of express my emotions I don’t think about what digital service is going to work for or how the industry is going to react”, he said in a talk with EL UNIVERSAL. Tonight, at the Palacio de los Deportes, in front of the band Franz Ferdinand, verified that indeed … Read more