Alba Reche: “The obvious whitening of macho artists in the music industry is insulting”

post this friday ‘Honestly sad’an EP in which he opens up and denounces situations of abuse MADRID, Sep. 21 (EUROPA PRESS) – Alba Reche (Elche, 1997) continues advanced in the “path” of musican industry where you want to be an “active” driver of change to alleviate machismo and “intrinsic” paternalism that surrounds her. “The obvious … Read more

A look inside the Jessica Alba house she bought in Los Angeles for 10 million

A look inside the Jessica Alba house she bought in

In the year 2019, the famous actress and model Jessica Alba made the decision to move to an impressive Mansion of The Angelsas did Angelina Jolie, along with her husband, film producer Cash Garner Warren, and their three children: Hayes, Haven, and Honor. The couple wanted to move to a bigger house. to gain space … Read more

NBA – “I smoked weed with Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson, they were on my bed”

NBA I smoked weed with Jessica Alba and Kate

@jessicaalba / @katehudson Now much more open and relaxed about it, players have long had to hide their drug use from the league. A former star admits for example today having shared his with… Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson! If many of them have complained about the Orlando bubble and its particular operation, they can … Read more

The 10 most expensive cars in the world that Jessica Alba can buy

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

Jessica Alba is one of today’s most important actresses and a successful businesswoman, so we review the ten cars you can buy. She Slides and knows each one of them! September 03, 2022 4:24 p.m. One of the most remembered actresses in the United States is Jessica Alba, who has marked her image with films … Read more

Jessica Alba and her companion: her huge salary

Jessica Alba and her companion her huge salary

Actress, model and businesswoman, Jessica Alba is a well-known celebrity in the United States and around the world. From a young age, the star has established herself in the 7e art and in the business world. His talent and his dynamism allowed him to play in many films and series. Otherwise, Jessica Alba and her … Read more

Jessica Alba and other celebrities who failed in Marvel

Jessica Alba and other celebrities who failed in Marvel

Since construction began Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), more characters have been added and, with them, more actors. For this reason, given the number of productions they carry out, many well-known figures have had the opportunity to debut as great superheroes or villains. However, while some like Robert Downey Jr Y Scarlett Johansson they have had … Read more

The makeup endorsed by celebrities: Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Rihanna and Selena Gomez

The makeup endorsed by celebrities Jennifer Lopez Jessica Alba Rihanna

Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, among others are the celebrities who have makeup and skin care brands approved by them. (Photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP) What do you see in the mirror when you wake up? I see a person who is about to have the best day of her life. I remain faithful to the idea … Read more