Who is Majo Aguilar’s famous boyfriend

Who is Majo Aguilars famous boyfriend

Majo Aguilar confirms engagement with Gil Cerezo Photo: Special Infobae Yesterday it transpired that lFlor Silvestre’s granddaughter and the singer, Gil Cerezo, would be in a relationship. What is remarkable about this is that, the also promise of the Aguilar dynasty and Mexican regional music, is younger than the Monterrey interpreter by 16 yearsSince she … Read more

Angela Aguilar’s risky look at the 2021 Latin GRAMMYs

Angela Aguilars risky look at the 2021 Latin GRAMMYs

Last week, a new edition of the Latin Grammy in Las Vegas, Nevada. All the artists attended with their best clothes, but the one that managed to stand out and steal everyone’s attention was Angela Aguilar. In the Red carpet She dazzled everyone with a red mermaid dress that marked her figure and exposed her … Read more

Angela Aguilar’s luxurious bedroom and all its details

Angela Aguilars luxurious bedroom and all its details

The young and talented Angela Aguilar is about to turn 18, precisely on October 8. Lately, it is “almost” an open book for his fans. The young daughter of Pepe Aguilar and Aneliz Alvarez he has been carrying his artistic career free of scandals. Dedicated to music and study, the young woman follows her father’s … Read more

Everything we know about Ángela Aguilar’s next concerts in 2022

Everything we know about Angela Aguilars next concerts in 2022

Good news for fans of Angela Aguilar. As most musicians are used to, a forward-looking schedule is something they have in common. However, after having lived a very special year due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is understandable that it costs them a little more to be forward-thinking about what is to come. Still, while … Read more

This is what makes Angela Aguilar’s Pepe Aguilar angry the most

This is what makes Angela Aguilars Pepe Aguilar angry the

The popular Pepe Aguilar, son of Antonio Aguilar and Wild flowerFounders of the Aguilar Dynasty, he has always shown himself to be a man of humor, but also with a lot of character. If there is something that stands out, it is not only his talent and the years of experience, but the fact of … Read more