If you hate Spotify advertising, this is how you can have all the music for free on your Xiaomi mobile

If you hate Spotify advertising this is how you can

The streaming music app par excellence is Spotify. The vast majority of users (whether they have Xiaomi or not) use Spotify to play your favorite music at home, on the subway or in the carbut the competition is putting the batteries, and it seems that its dominance has the days numbered. Despite having a free … Read more

The Netflix series and movie service will have advertising from November

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After months of preparing the public for the service with ads, Netflix reported that the subscription that includes advertising will start on November 3 of this year. The company warned that those who buy this low-cost plan will have approximately five minutes of advertising content for every hour. It is also known that the commercials … Read more

Netflix is ​​ahead of Disney + and launches its cheap plan with advertising: that’s how it will be

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Netflix announced Thursday that in November it will launch a cheaper plan that includes advertisingthus anticipating the premiere of a similar product from its rival Disney +. In a statement, the company said the “Basic with Ads” plan will have between four and five minute commercials per hour, and some series or movies cannot be … Read more

María Inés Obaldía expands complaint for advertising that uses her image

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Exclusive Content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers subscribe know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canSign in with your username and password. The Director of Culture of the Municipality of Montevideo Maria Ines Obaldia appealed to a Twitter message … Read more

Facebook will share advertising revenue with rights holders – Music Industry

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Meta just announced that it’s changing the way Facebook will pay artists and music rights holders, moving to a “revenue-sharing” model for user-generated video content. Meta has said that video creators who choose to use licensed music in videos longer than 60 seconds in Facebook, they will receive a 20% share of the ad revenue … Read more

BTS: How much does each member of the Korean band earn from Instagram advertising?

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bts is one of the most famous groups in the world, broke many records and has managed to replace more than one American artist on the popularity list. Their music is everywhere, they are the kings of social media, and they became the first Korean group to perform at the Grammy awards. LOOK HERE: BTS … Read more

The sun sets on Netflix: there will be advertising

The sun sets on Netflix there will be advertising

The co-CEO of Netflix, Ted Sarandoshas confirmed in Cannes that, as they had already announced to their employeesthe company will start inserting advertising in its broadcasts towards the end of 2022, for a segment of customers who want to access their content but find it too expensive, and do not mind seeing it with advertising. … Read more

Concerts, neuroscience and advertising: the return of holograms – La Tercera

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The first critics who were able to go see the show in London considered it a complete success. ABBA Voyage It was a project that was put together with years of preparation, and that became a reality from varied technology that brought the ABBA group to life as if they were still in the 70s … Read more

Netflix: a cheaper subscription but with advertising, it’s a big no for you

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According to Reed Hastings, Netflix is ​​working on a new, more affordable subscription … which, however, will contain advertisements in return. In the idea, could such a formula interest you? This was the subject of our survey of the week. The Netflix application opened on an Android smartphone // Source: Frandroid On Tuesday April 19, … Read more

Netflix is ​​dying and its solution will be to raise prices, avoid shared accounts and put advertising

Netflix is ​​dying and its solution will be to raise

The company founded by Reed Hastings is going through one of its most difficult moments in recent years, accumulating a drop greater than 60%. Netflix shares reached $700 last November and have since plummeted, especially after reporting quarterly results. Yesterday, the company presented its accounts and its titles quickly began to fall 25% at the … Read more