Sherlock Holmes 3: the sequel to the adventures of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law is not totally dead

Sherlock Holmes 3 the sequel to the adventures of Robert

Dexter Fletcherpresumed successor to Guy Ritchie at the helm of Sherlock Holmes 3, remains convinced that the film will see the light of day. While Robert Downey Jr. will star in Christopher Nolan’s next film next year, Oppenheimer, it remains a major question within his cinematographic calendar. the third part of the adventures of Sherlock … Read more

Stranger Things 4: an electrifying trailer that promises adventures, monsters and mystery

1649807181 Stranger Things 4 an electrifying trailer that promises adventures monsters

Three minutes of action, darkness, monsters, remnants of past wounds, powers that were lost, a battle that promises to be the most spectacular of all… This is just the summary of the long-awaited preview of the fourth season of Stranger Things. With confirmed dates: the first volume will be available on Netflix on May 27 … Read more

“Ice Age: The Adventures of Scrat” premiered a poster of the shorts that will be part of the Disney + catalog

Ice Age The Adventures of Scrat premiered a poster of

Two decades ago, 20th Century Fox released the first film in the saga in which characters like Sid, Manny, Diego and Scrat conquered, who without having any dialogue always sought to have his acorn close by. (Disney+) Subscribe to Disney+, click here Ice Age: The Adventures of Scratis a series of six animated shorts starring … Read more

‘Around the world in 80 days’: a fabulous series of adventures on Movistar Plus+ with a sparkling David Tennant

1645731426 Around the world in 80 days a fabulous series of

There is an aspect to the premise of some nineteenth-century adventure fictions that makes them slightly quaint yet more than familiar with the work. This is the case of ‘Around the world in 80 days’, whose new television adaptation arrives today on Movistar Plus+ with David Tennant at the helm. I mean, and the fact … Read more

‘Ice Age: Buck’s Adventures’: who is who in this new installment

Ice Age Bucks Adventures who is who in this new

‘Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck’ arrives at Disney+ with a new installment of the successful animated saga ‘The Ice Age’ that comes exclusively to the platform to win over subscribers with new adventures below zero. This time, the protagonist will be the opossum brothers Crash y Eddie Seeking new thrills and aiming to escape … Read more

Nuevo tráiler de “The Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild” | Video

1641538532 Nuevo trailer de The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Posted at 21:22 ET (02:22 GMT) Thursday, January 6, 2022 Playing 0:40 Posted at 17:20 ET (22:20 GMT) Thursday, January 6, 2022 1:09 Posted at 3:31 PM ET (8:31 PM GMT) Tuesday, January 4, 2022 10:07 Posted at 13:58 ET (18:58 GMT) Tuesday, January 4, 2022 4:44 Posted at 19:25 ET (00:25 GMT) Monday, January … Read more

Why ‘Hawkeye’ Adventures Happen at Christmas

1638319847 Why Hawkeye Adventures Happen at Christmas

That Hawk Eye (2021), the miniseries de Jonathan Igla (Mad Men) for Marvel Studios and Disney Plus, this set around christmas time it is not something accidental or arbitrary. Even the executive producer Kevin Feige, the mind behind the structure of the superhero saga, has taken off the hook with that he would like the … Read more

Adventures, concerts and museums: take advantage of discounts on tickets to Miami attractions

The mild sun and cooler temperatures are making you want to go out to enjoy parks and outdoor attractions in Miami, they are raising the spirit to put on high heels and a suit after so much sweatpants, and enjoy a concert or theater show. The opportunity paints itself with the numerous discounts on tickets, … Read more

Do you remember Pepito? This is what Chabelo’s accomplice of adventures currently looks like

Do you remember Pepito This is what Chabelos accomplice of

In the 1970s, Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ was already consolidated as a benchmark of television in Mexico because his program “En Familia” was already very well known, however, the actor and host decided to take his talent to the big screen in his own projects and for this, he made a dumbbell with “Pepito”, character that … Read more

The ‘Rugrats’ series returns with new adventures and controversy

The Rugrats series returns with new adventures and controversy

“It’s cool that you have an Xbox, but it’s great that you can play with a shoebox and believe it could be a ship or a ship,” says Mexican voice actress Laura Torres, who voices Tommy Pickles in Spanish. in the series Rugrats (also known as Rugrats). This reflection connects very well with the series … Read more