Schwarzenegger admits he ‘tricked’ Stallone into starring in one of his worst movies

Schwarzenegger admits he tricked Stallone into starring in one of

A Hollywood urban legend claimed that arnold schwarzenegger had been one of the architects so that his colleague, and rival at the time, Sylvester Stallone agree to intervene in a comedy that would later become one of his lowest rated films. We are talking about ‘Tall! or my mother shoots of 1992 and directed by … Read more

Banda MS admits that he performed private concerts for drug traffickers

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

MEXICO – The Mexican group Banda MS, one of the most important within the Mexican regional, revealed that in their career they have agreed to play on all kinds of stages and even for private parties for drug traffickers. During an interview for the Yordi Rosado program on YouTube, Oswaldo (Walo) Silvas, one of the … Read more

BTS’s RM Admits Sometimes They Don’t Want To Sing At Concerts, Find Out Why

BTSs RM Admits Sometimes They Dont Want To Sing At

Kim Nam-joon better known as MRof the group btsadmits that many times he does not want to attend concerts. the rapper MR of bts confirmed in a recent interview with pharrell for rolling stone that sometimes he prefers not to go on stage, because he doesn’t have a very good time. In addition to his … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence admits she ‘lost control’ when she first became famous

Jennifer Lawrence admits she lost control when she first became

Sometimes stardom comes overnight, and that’s just what happened to Jennifer Lawrence. The actress got an Oscar nomination for the drama indie Winter’s Bone: a distinction that quickly served him to join two very relevant sagas for the industry: on the one hand X Menwhere she played Mística from X Men First generationand on the … Read more

Thor admits one of the biggest plot holes in his entire history

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Marvel comics are done accepting that there is a plot hole in Thor. That alleged hole would be the famous bridge of Asgard, known as Bifrost both in the vignettes and in the mcu movies. This bridge, which is also called the Rainbow Bridge, is a space-time tunnel. It allows Asgardian citizens to move easily … Read more

Oscar Isaac admits that he would return to Star Wars… and not just for the money

Why Chris Hemsworth Thought Ghostbusters Would End His Career

The Guatemalan actor does not rule out traveling again to a galaxy far, far away. In 2019, after concluding his participation in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, where he played the heroic pilot Poe Dameron, oscar isaac he was happy to finally free himself from that big franchise and turn to more discreet projects. However, … Read more

Brad Pitt Says No to Retirement and Admits He Enjoys Sipping the Movies

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

The American actor Brad Pitt says that he has decided to take the cinema and life in sips, “one film after another”, and denies that he thinks of retiring. At 58 years old and with dozens of films and awards, Brad Pitt’s method of making films in small doses works perfectly for him, something that … Read more

Winona Ryder admits she was depressed after splitting from Johnny Depp

Winona Ryder admits she was depressed after splitting from Johnny

R Kelly will face a second trial in August. The 55-year-old singer is due to appear in court again for being in possession of child sexual abuse images. His hearing scheduled for August 15 will be the second time he has faced allegations related to such footage, after he was acquitted in 2008 on similar … Read more

Jeff Bridges admits fan love ‘saved’ his life as he battled COVID and cancer – Reuters News in France and abroad

Jeff Bridges admits fan love saved his life as he

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Jeff Bridges has had a harder time dealing with his battle with COVID-19 than he has with cancer. Bridges opened up about his “difficult” battle with coronavirus as he battled non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in a recent interview. “Well, dealing with cancer, you know, having chemotherapy treatments that stripped … Read more

Viola Davis admits Meryl Streep once left her ‘in shock’

Viola Davis and Meryl Streep are widely regarded as two of the greatest actresses of their time. Both women have numerous accolades to their names and are highly rated actresses. The Oscar winners also received top-notch acting training. Davis has a Graduate Diploma from the Julliard School, while Streep earned a Master of Fine Arts … Read more