Revolver recovers its rock essence in ‘Addicted to Euphoria’, preview of his next album – Rock The Best Music

Revolver recovers its rock essence in Addicted to Euphoria preview

Faced with the turbulent and uncertain times we are living in, ‘Addicted to Euphoria’ (Altafonte) is a declaration of intent, a forceful song without nostalgia that invites you to see things from another place. Its about first single from Revolver’s upcoming album which, with the same title as the song, will be released at early … Read more

Hollywood’s true crime obsession: Why Kim Kardashian, Kristen Bell, Lady Gaga and more are addicted – Up News Info

Hollywoods true crime obsession Why Kim Kardashian Kristen Bell Lady

If you’ve slept with the lights on after watching terrifying true-crime shows, you’re not alone. It seems like everyone – including Hollywood’s biggest stars – has become obsessed with true crime as streaming platform Netflix and more real-life mystery shows, podcasts and movies. Fox News Digital spoke with psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig who explained why … Read more

Bradley Cooper addicted to cocaine: the astonishing confessions of the actor

Bradley Cooper addicted to cocaine the astonishing confessions of the

Monday June 13, 2022, Bradley Cooper was the guest of the Smartless podcast. During this interview, the actor spoke about the beginning of his career and his past addictions to cocaine and alcohol. International star, Bradley Cooper had a difficult start. If his career exploded thanks to the trilogy very bad trip and the making … Read more

“I was able to become addicted”: this was when Salma Hayek avoided succumbing to botox

Past a certain age, the faces of many Hollywood stars, men and women alike, are more the work of their plastic surgeons than the genetic heritage passed down to them by their parents. That movie mecca’s unhealthy obsession with staying forever young has led celebrities like Nicole Kidman either Courtney Cox to recognize that they … Read more

“Addicted”, the hottest William Levy movie that is available on Netflix

Addicted the hottest William Levy movie that is available on

The arrival of “Café con aroma de mujer” on Netflix meant a great success for the streaming platform, as it remained in the top 10 of the most watched productions in Latin America and Spain. MORE INFORMATION: What was William Levy like and what did he do in “Forget you never”, his first telenovela? Due … Read more

Daniel Craig, Ashton Kutcher and other celebrities addicted to the game

1650133495 Daniel Craig Ashton Kutcher and other celebrities addicted to the

Being a celebrity or movie star often means having a lot of downtime. Working 18 hours on a recording set all day can mean 16 hours of waiting and 2 hours of acting. Therefore, it is not surprising that actors, such as Daniel Craig Y Ashton Kutcherthey need to find ways to entertain themselves while … Read more

Marbelle releases pop version of ‘Addicted to Pain’, a song originally recorded in the popular genre

Marbelle releases pop version of Addicted to Pain a song

Photo taken from Instagram @ Marbelle.oficial Each artist must have – among his entire repertoire – favorite songs, those he loves the most, the ones he likes to sing the most, and which are special to him. All or some of these songs will be hits and, in situations like this, the singers usually release … Read more