The new Henry Cavill movie is an adaptation that has cost Apple 200 million. Does it hit her? The author might not exist

The new Henry Cavill movie is an adaptation that has

The new movie of Matthew Vaughn seems to entail an even greater mystery than the one its plot promises to offer. Director of ‘Kick Ass’ and the fruitful saga ‘kingsman’ has in hand ‘Argyle’; an espionage thriller starring a spectacular cast composed of Henry Cavilll, Ariana DeBose, Bryce Dallas Howard, Brian Cranston, Sam Rockwell, Samuel … Read more

‘The End of Love’: the adaptation with Lali Esposito of Tamara Tenembaum’s essay on Amazon Prime Video

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

The projects of Amazon Prime Video they don’t stop Every so often we receive the news of another new production, both in series and in movies, that will arrive on the platform soon. Among the most recent announcements is the latest Argentine series from Amazon Prime Video and MGM International TV Productions in association with … Read more

“Mr. Harrigan’s phone”: look at the first images of the adaptation of Stephen King’s story

Mr Harrigans phone look at the first images of the

It is the fourth story of the American writer that is adapted for the streaming giant. (Netflix) another book of Stephen King will be adapted by Netflixafter doing the same with Gerald’s game, On the high grass Y 1992. Is about Mr. Harrigan’s phone (Mr Harrigan’s Phone), a famous tale by the American writer about … Read more

Stephen King has bad news about his next adaptation

Stephen King has bad news about his next adaptation The next Stephen King adaptation updates its status. This is bad news for all lovers of the famous American writer. The bad news keeps baiting with Warner Bros Discovery. After having lost 2.3 billion dollars in just three days, now the study faces structural changes in its programming. And that restructuring has affected The … Read more

Sailor Moon: Lost pilot of the American adaptation of the popular anime emerges

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

The first manga of sailor Moon It was published between 1992 and 1997. Although the series jumped to anime in a short time in Japan, it did not reach the rest of the world until 1997 and was a resounding success. For many years there were rumors that there was an American adaptation of this … Read more

The best adaptation of a horror video game to the screen arrives on Netflix with a dark and nightmarish aesthetic

The best adaptation of a horror video game to the

In its day, this adaptation of the legendary Konami video game was received with a certain coldness, and it is not for less. The movie inspired by ‘Silent Hill‘, that just arrived on netflix, nailed many of its aesthetic and plot constants, but it didn’t quite match the morbid existential horror that Keiichiro Toyama’s video … Read more

These are the actors who will be in the adaptation of the Mexican series Soy tu fan

In 2010, the series landed on the small screen of Mexico I’m your fan. Adapting a production that was originally broadcast in Argentina, director Álvaro Hernández managed to create a highly entertaining story that won over all viewers. The story introduced us to Carla, whom we will also meet under the nickname “Charly”, a girl … Read more

“Eragon”, the new adaptation of a novel that we will see on Disney Plus

Eragon the new adaptation of a novel that we will scaled

Disney Plus decided to give “Eragon” a new chance and will now adapt it as a series. (Robyn Beck/AFP) Subscribe to Disney+, click here According to information published on the specialized site Variety, Disney Plus plans to adapt the work Eragon of Christopher Paulini. The saga, called The Inheritance Cycle, It is made up of … Read more

The best series of ‘Resident Evil’ is also on Netflix but it is not an adaptation of the video game

‘resident Evil‘ is the new zombie TV series from Netflixbased on the video game franchise that has sold millions of copies worldwide since it was launched in 1996. The umpteenth different vision of what the game offers, with an approach that seeks to forget the singod of Milla Jovovich’s films, but what he manages to … Read more

The Netflix series Resident Evil becomes the worst rated video game adaptation of all

Paramount prepares a new series of Jackass again with Johnny

On July 14 it landed in the catalog of Netflix resident Evila new original series for the platform based on the popular Capcom video game saga. On this occasion, the resident evil series it doesn’t “adapt” any particular video game as such, but tells a completely new story continuing the events of the last games. … Read more