Bullet Train, the cast: who are the actors who want to kill Brad Pitt in the action film?

Bullet Train the cast who are the actors who want

In the action blockbuster “Bullet Train”, currently in theaters, there is obviously Brad Pitt, but also many other comedians. We tell you here who are the partners of the Hollywood star. In the action movie Bullet Train, now in theaters, Brad Pitt plays Ladybug, an unlucky assassin boarding the world’s fastest train alongside fearsome adversaries. … Read more

Mission: Impossible 8 – two other super actors have joined Tom Cruise in the cast

Top Gun 2 Tom Cruise thanks the public for the

The cast of Mission: Impossible 8 – Dead Reckoning Part Two still has a few surprises in store, such as the hitherto unknown presence of two great actors alongside Tom Cruise. 27 years after the first part of Brian De Palma, the saga Impossible mission is preparing its final bouquet. For the occasion, Ethan Hunt’s … Read more

‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’, with Jeremy Renner: synopsis, actors and trailer

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters with Jeremy Renner synopsis actors

The endless supply of platforms streaming has caused something very curious among viewers: there are too many options to choose what to watch. Many have been overwhelmed by the amount of things they can see, that they spend the time they could spend watching it choosing what to do. Fortunately, television is always an option, … Read more

Tom Holland, Emilia Clarke… These actors who got a tattoo in memory of their films

Tom Holland Emilia Clarke… These actors who got a tattoo

From Tom Holland to Emilia Clarke via the cast of Lord of the Ringshere is a compilation of actors and actresses who did not hesitate to get a tattoo in memory of the film in which they played. actors tattooavengers The 5 actors ofavengersRobert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner … Read more

“Emergency in the air”: this is the new film with the actors of “Parasite” and “The Squid Game”

Emergency in the air this is the new film with

The captain of a crew must save the lives of a group of passengers. (BF Distribution) Another plane crash story is coming to the cinema in the form of a new South Korean production that is already generating great interest: emergency in the air (Emergency Statement). With some hit stars parasite Y the squid game, … Read more

Brendan Fraser: What’s behind the actor’s scandalous transformation?

Brendan Fraser Whats behind the actors scandalous transformation

Although in previous years he had been briefly referred to with photos in which his physical appearance was compared with the one he had 20 years ago, this week many of the headlines that broke the news of his next leading man grabbed from there to give the note: “Brendan Fraser with 200 extra kilos … Read more

‘The Aviator’, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett: synopsis, actors and trailer

The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett synopsis actors

Many try to renege, but there is something I don’t know about watching a movie on television that, even if it has been seen a thousand times, one stays nailed to the sofa and watches it again. Luckily for everyone, there is always something to see to pass the time. Of course, there are movies… … Read more

“Who is Alec Baldwin?” Examines Actor’s Notoriety, Numerous Scandals: ‘Zero Ability to Care’ – Deadline

Who is Alec Baldwin Examines Actors Notoriety Numerous Scandals Zero

Fox Nation’s “Who Is Alec Baldwin” delves into the complex actor’s life and career. Hosted by Fox News Channel’s Brian Kilmeade, the special premiered Monday night on the network’s digital subscription platform and features interviews with celebrity life coach Vivace Maxvictor, the Wall Street Journal film critic Kyle Smith, film critic Christian Toto and The … Read more

These are the Hollywood actors who earn the most per movie

These are the Hollywood actors who earn the most per

After the pandemic brought the film industry to a halt, Hollywood it’s running again. Many films, which had been postponed or paralyzed, have been released and others are in development, to the delight of film lovers and to swell the pockets of the actors. Do you know who are the best paid? A report published … Read more