It is one of the best action films of recent years and of Pedro Pascal’s filmography: a great sequel that surpasses its predecessor is coming to Amazon Prime Video

It is one of the best action films of recent

The action cinema Hollywood continues to give us great joy from time to time, but it is true that the brutal dominance of the superhero figure has led to more and more space. One of the most recent cases that I remember is that of ‘The Equalizer 2’a sequel superior to the one already in … Read more

George Clooney and Jean Dujardin On Screen Together in New Action Comedy Ad

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Eight years after their first meeting on screen, George Clooney Y Jean Dugard meet at the latest sequel to the Nespresso TV ad How far would you go for a Nespresso coffee? On this occasion, The playful duo is joined by highly talented actress Camille Cottin, which makes its Nespresso debut. In this brilliantly entertaining … Read more

Explosive official trailer for “John Wick 4″, the new installment of the acclaimed action saga

Explosive official trailer for John Wick 4″ the new installment

John Wick returns for his fourth installment with more characters who want to destroy him and help him at the same time. Since the first movie John Wick from 2014, the franchise has grown exponentially with three additional films, including the highly anticipated john wick 4 that today premiered the official trailer full of action … Read more

Keanu Reeves and “John Wick” want to dominate the action genre: series, spin-off and the new movie expand the franchise

Keanu Reeves and John Wick want to dominate the action

Movie franchise about a hit man named John Wick. (Lion Gate) ballerinathe spin-off of John Wick, began shooting in Prague with Ana de Armas as the great star of the project. This action movie that takes place in the universe of the popular hitman. But the novelty is that Keanu Reeves, protagonist of the original … Read more

Jackie Chan: why did you stop making action movies, despite being a karate icon?

There is no doubt that Jackie Chan He is a living legend of cinema. His artistic career quickly took him to the top of Hollywood and, among the most iconic moments of his career, he has faced famous media personalities, like chuck norris Y even Bruce Lee himself. Among his most remembered films we have … Read more

Anne Hathaway and Salma Hayek will be the explosive couple leading the action comedy ‘Seesaw Monster’

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The thing about getting killed with the mother-in-law is a cliché, but it is one of the premises of seeaw monsteran action-packed comedy in which the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, despite getting along badly, will be forced to work together to solve a mystery that puts their lives in danger. The project is being developed by … Read more

‘The vigilante’: Bruce Willis’ forceful action movie that connects in an unexpected way with ‘Full metal jacket’

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The remake of the Charles Bronson classic released a few years ago is more related to Stanley Kubrick’s war masterpiece than it may seem. An old-school vigilante thriller that was the big comeback for its star, one of the legends of the action genreto that genre. One of his last outstanding films before announcing his … Read more

Ben Affleck places this amazing action movie in the top 5 of his career (and it’s not Batman)

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A notable box office success at the time, the actor’s conversion into a killing (and calculating) machine continues to enjoy his love. ‘The Accountant’ is one of his most powerful films. A powerful film of intense ‘thriller’ and violent action that was one of the surprises of its respective year. Few people really bet on … Read more

From action to sci-fi, these are the 10 most talked about movies on Twitter today

From action to sci fi these are the 10 most talked

These are the movies that all the tweeters are talking about. (Infobae / Jovani Pérez) Twitter It has become one of the platforms most used by Internet users in recent years for various reasons such as the ease of creating communities, the publication of messages in real time and because the most talked about topics … Read more