The accident with acid that Gerard Butler suffered in ‘The pilot’: “I was burning my face”

The accident with acid that Gerard Butler suffered in The

As a regular in action movies, Gerard Butler It has accustomed us to some of the most adrenaline-filled sequences, the filming of which has been a real danger to its integrity. A fact supported by his refusal to have specialists replace him in these scenes and giving him an anecdote of compromising situations, among which … Read more

Jeremy Renner’s injuries disappear from the poster of his new series after the actor’s accident

1674052978 Jeremy Renners injuries disappear from the poster of his new

Last January 1 Jeremy Renner was seriously injured after an accident driving an industrial snowplow. He was admitted to the hospital with “chest trauma and orthopedic injuries”to shortly after publish a video and a series of images where he claimed to be fine, within what was possible. He was just released yesterday on the eve … Read more

‘Harry Potter’: Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double was paralyzed by an accident

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffes stunt double was paralyzed by an

Fantasy and adventure movies are always full of action scenes, but sometimes they end in tragedy, as happened to Daniel Radcliffe’s double in ‘Harry Potter’, because the risks of his work sentenced him for life. Hogwarts and the magical world of Harry Potter are still relevant even though 11 years have passed since Harry Potter … Read more

The health of Gonzalo, from the Wachiturros, after the accident that almost cost him his life: “He is lost and we have to bring him to reality”

The health of Gonzalo from the Wachiturros after the accident

The wachiturros “Thanks to everyone who is watching and here we are. Look, more alive than ever! Who is speaking to you here? Gonzalo Wachiturro said on Friday afternoon the leader of the musical group (Gonzalo Enrique Munoz) in a video that he published on his social networks, almost a week after the accident that … Read more

Comedian Leslie Jordan, famous for his role in Will & Grace, died in a traffic accident

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

A sad news shook the Hollywood industry. The actor Leslie Jordanowner of an extensive career in film, television and theater, died Monday morning in a traffic accident. Jordan, 67, was driving his car when he crashed into a building and was killed instantly. Although the investigations into the cause of his death are still being … Read more

Daddy Yankee suffered a dangerous accident at a concert in Argentina

daddy yankee He embarked on his last world tour a few weeks ago before retiring from his singing career. “The last lap world tour” began on July 16 this year and is scheduled to end in December. As part of the tour, the reggaeton player has been on stages in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, … Read more

The terrible accident suffered by Milla Jovovich’s double in Resident Evil that ruined her life

If there are people who deserve recognition within the industry, they are the stunt doubles. These risk their lives daily to perform pirouettes, stunts or actions that can put anyone at risk, even the actors in the movies, who are contractually prohibited from performing them, because the studios cannot afford to have a star sick … Read more

Kate Winslet Hospitalized After Accident on ‘Lee’ Set

Kate Winslet Hospitalized After Accident on Lee Set

Kate Winslet. Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images The actress Kate Winslet was rushed to a hospital after suffering an accident while filming the biopic ‘Lee’ on location in Croatia, the Deadline news portal reported. According to a small statement, the Oscar winner apparently fell while on the set of the movie. Fortunately, a spokesman for the … Read more