Jodie Comer says Ben Affleck was shocked when he heard his real accent

Jodie Comer says Ben Affleck was shocked when he heard

Comer rose to prominence after his dazzling portrayal of assassin Villanelle in Killing Eve, in which she effortlessly switches between all manner of accents, including Russian, French and Scottish. The 28-year-old was so convincing that viewers had no idea where she actually came from, the discovery that she was from Liverpool came as a huge … Read more

VIDEO – Lady Gaga shows off her best Italian accent in the “House of Gucci” trailer

PREVIEW – The singer returns to her transalpine roots in Ridley Scott’s upcoming film. Here she is transformed into Patrizia Reggiani, wife of fist and future ex of the heir of the Gucci house. Delphine DE FREITAS – 2021-07-30T13:23:51.866+02:00 The Italian media nickname her Lady Gucci. So who else but Lady Gaga could play Maurizio … Read more

Queen’s Gambit member Anya Taylor-Joy speaks with a Scottish accent about Graham Norton and fans are loving it

Queens Gambit member Anya Taylor Joy speaks with a Scottish accent

Netflix star Anya Taylor-Joy wowed fans after speaking with a subtle Scottish accent on The Graham Norton Show. The 24-year-old Queen’s Gambit actress appeared on Friday night’s episode to talk about the show’s worldwide success after amassing 62 million views since its launch. The Spanish-speaking actress was born in Miami before soon moving to Argentina … Read more

The Peruvian accent is imposed at the Malaga Film Festival: Two national films in competition

The Peruvian accent is imposed at the Malaga Film Festival

A Peruvian accent resonates in the Malaga Film Festival. Carlos Alcántara and Norma Martínez arrived there to present the suspense tape “The snail house”, as well as the director Javier Fuentes-León who exhibited his black comedy “The best families”. Both are co-productions -the first with Spain and the second with Colombia- which, although they have … Read more